Aiding a retail giant to land their long-term strategy through a customer-centric approach



The Challenge

To strengthen its competitive position in Mexico, Walmart developed distinct brands – Walmart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrera, and Superama – each targeting specific customer segments. As these brands gained popularity in the Mexican market, Walmart faced the challenge of translating high-level strategies into actionable initiatives to enhance store traffic and provide an omnichannel experience, thereby strengthening customer relationships. Walmart partnered with propelland to align these diverse brands under a unified plan. This strategy involved creating unique value propositions for each brand, ensuring that the distinct needs of varied customer profiles were effectively met across their supermarkets, fortifying their market presence.

Our propellers established four specialized teams, each tasked with crafting a unique value proposition for a designated business unit and its target customers.

The Solution


In a 3-day co-creation workshop, we guided Walmart’s senior leadership through user-centric exercises, focusing on understanding their target user personas for each brand. Prior to this, we partnered with internal stakeholders to analyze Walmart’s long-term strategy documents for the Mexican market, ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic approach.


During the workshop, we guided teams through several exercises that allowed them to use all their existing customer knowledge to build customer personas for which we could create different value propositions. Then, we proceeded to create reasons to believe which would support the different value proposition based on Walmart’s existing capabilities.

The team gathered 3 days in a hotel at Ixtapan de la Sal to disconnect and fully engage with the co-creation sessions.


We collaborated to develop various concept initiatives aimed at addressing identified pain points. Each team selected one concept to transform into a pitch, detailing the value proposition, user journey, and an internal team execution roadmap. This process effectively turned abstract ideas into concrete action plans.

Through the workshops we designed for Walmart, they successfully grounded their long-term strategy, implementing unique, market-responsive offerings.

The Impact

Based on Walmart Mexico’s long-term strategy, we crafted two pivotal workshops to transform their vision into reality. The first, ‘Strategy Offsite 18’, focused on designing actionable solutions to actualize their strategic goals. The second, ‘CVP Evolution’, aimed to update the customer value propositions (CVPs) of each business unit—Walmart Supercenter, Bodega Aurrera, Sam’s Club, and Superama—aligning them with the overarching long-term strategy. These workshops not only resulted in unique CVPs for each operator but also provided a clear execution roadmap. This comprehensive approach enabled Walmart to effectively implement their long-term strategy, leading to the creation of distinct and targeted offerings for each segment of their diverse customer base.