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Pernod Ricard

The Challenge

Pernod Ricard sought to strengthen its partnerships with stakeholders in the hotel, restaurant, and café sector (HORECA), while also opening new channels of engagement with end consumers to add value to their daily experiences. The beverage leader recognized the potential to provide an added-value offering that would enhance consumer experiences and deepen their connection with the brand, ensuring that Pernod Ricard remained at the forefront of industry innovation and customer engagement. To achieve this, the company engaged propelland to bring this vision to life and implement a viable business model that would facilitate engagement with end consumers through the digitization of the leisure industry for a traditional enterprise.

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engaged users during the market pilot test.

The Solution

/ Inventing new revenue streams

In response to the challenge of underutilized HORECA spaces during off-peak hours, our consumer-centric approach led us to deeply analyze these patterns. Our research extended beyond the HORECA sector to understand how end-users relate to these places and their desire for pleasant experiences. This investigation uncovered significant potential in these downtimes, inspiring us to envision a service that capitalizes on these intervals. Together with Pernod Ricard, our teams proposed transforming these spaces into hubs for curated experiences, making them accessible to end consumers seeking unique engagements outside traditional hours. This concept materialized as an innovative service where customers could discover, plan, and book unique events seamlessly, thereby enhancing venue utilization and enriching the consumer experience.

Co-creating with Pernod Ricard
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PlanPlanner enables bar owners to utilize off-peak hours by offering consumers a comprehensive service for hosting micro-events, including space, food, and drink.

/ Bringing the vision to life

PlanPlanner was the name given to this vision brought to life. It is an online marketplace designed to optimize the use of restaurant spaces by promoting and facilitating the planning of special events during less busy hours. Acting as a broker, PlanPlanner generates revenue through a service fee from each booking, which supports the continual enhancement of the platform. Together with Pernod Ricard, our teams developed a comprehensive project that encompassed user experience design, operational logistics, and business strategy, and defined essential business hypotheses and metrics for a pilot phase.

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PlanPlanner pilot test was initially launched in Madrid for a period of four months.

The Impact

PlanPlanner was launched in Spain as Pernod Ricard’s strategic initiative of the year and has since been scaled nationally. By partnering with strategic venues in key cities like Madrid and Barcelona, Pernod Ricard refined the service and confirmed its market viability. This iterative design approach, fueled by constant user feedback and collaboration with clients, enabled our teams alongside Pernod Ricard to develop a robust commercial strategy and establish a compelling brand identity. The platform’s success was reflected in its rapid adoption across Spain, significantly enhancing venue utilization and customer engagement.

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