Crafting personalized products for Coca-Cola fans across Europe

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The Coca-ColaCompany

The Challenge

Coca-Cola aimed to revolutionize its Direct to Consumer (DTC) strategy across Europe, focusing on delivering personalized products and seamless experiences directly to consumers’ doorsteps. Confronted with the need to modernize their digital engagement and operational efficiency, Coca-Cola sought our propellers to develop a digital platform that serves both existing and new beverage categories. Our teams needed to create a user-centric platform enabling personalization and direct delivery, addressing Coca-Cola’s challenges of integrating digital innovation to enhance customer experience. This strategic shift aimed to not just meet, but exceed consumer expectations, marking a pivotal step in Coca-Cola’s evolution in the digital marketplace.


countries were included in the launch across Europe.

The Solution

We launched a digital platform for Coca-Cola, enabling personalization of cans under the ‘open to better’ campaign, envisioning a system that grows to offer diverse, tailored services. This wasn’t merely about customization but creating an ecosystem for deeper consumer engagement and sustainable business practices. By integrating insights, we honed in on three pillars: personalization, offering custom products and recommendations, including unique editions; sustainability, through renewable membership models promoting eco-friendly services; and convenience, ensuring transparent, ethical operations and rewarding loyalty with opportunities to support philanthropic causes. This strategic approach aimed not just at enhancing customer connections but also at meeting Coca-Cola’s eco-conscious goals, setting a new standard in consumer experience and operational sustainability.

Our research led to three key pillars derived from consumer needs: Personalization, Convenience and Sustainability.


Our collaborative efforts with Coca-Cola and partner agencies through regular brainstorming and agile sprints led to the development of a centralized, data-driven platform. This innovative hub enabled us to prototype, test, and refine features, setting a new industry standard for consumer engagement by offering unmatched insights and functionalities.

The 'Open to Better' campaign was the first initiative of its kind for Coca-Cola to enable consumers to personalize their products directly.

The Impact

In a remarkable span of just four months, our team successfully designed, developed, and launched an innovative digital platform that revolutionized the way consumers interact with Coca-Cola. This platform introduces a new suite of bespoke beverages and personalized merchandise, available directly to consumers across nine European geographies. This pioneering initiative marks Coca-Cola’s first foray into offering direct-to-consumer personalization of its products.

Leveraging an intuitive interface, the digital platform empowers users to effortlessly customize their cans or bottles, infusing them with a personal touch that resonates with their individual tastes and preferences. Customers can place orders with ease, looking forward to the arrival of their unique creations within a mere 5-7 working days. Ideal for special gifts, unforgettable celebrations, vibrant parties, or as treasured keepsakes, our platform opens up endless possibilities for personalization, bringing a new level of engagement and connection between Coca-Cola and its cherished consumers.