Beyond Today

Trends and strategic actions to consider today for a better tomorrow


We are prepared to use our skills as strategists, designers, and engineers to lead in a world with a new definition for normal.

We’ve analyzed the market and looked across clients and projects to identify the trends that companies must consider as they plan for the future. We’ve captured these trends and some strategic actions that innovative leaders should consider as they prepare to build the future.


In our latest report we explore the following themes:

Making sustainability your core business

Hybridizing the employee experience

Scaling direct to consumer

Hyper-personalizing customer experience

Enduring digital transformation

New report: Beyond Today 2021

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    Beyond today 2020

    Our full exploration of the trends and strategic actions for growth in 2020

    The Human-Centric Factory

    Keeping humans at the center of how a factory operates to recover quickly and accelerate future growth.

    Driving Sustainability in CPGs

    How to reduce, reuse, and recycle products and services for more sustainably produced consumer packaged goods.

    Digital-First Financial Services

    Build new and stronger relationships with customers seamlessly through digital channels and in-person.

    Seamless Omnichannel Retail

    Physical & digital shopping experiences need to work hand in hand to assure convenience and safety.

    Accelerating Direct to Consumer

    Leveraging digitalization to establish a direct relationship with consumers to grow sale