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Designing and launching a smart hub for nightclub’s VIP areas


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The Challenge

Pernod Ricard aimed to transcend their conventional business model, which primarily focused on the distribution of alcoholic beverages. Their goal was to venture into the creation of innovative products and services targeted at the leisure and entertainment sectors. This strategic pivot was designed to diversify their offerings and engage more deeply with nightclub owners beyond mere bottle supply, and develop new relationships with consumers. To achieve this, Pernod Ricard partnered with propelland to plan, design, develop, and pilot a VIP experience service within select nightclubs. This initiative sought to fortify their market position by enhancing their value proposition and to collect actionable data directly from end consumers.

Pernod Ricard Consumers
LightCube in the Nightclub


units were manufactured by propellers for market testings.

The Solution


Following various creativity workshops, we co-designed an innovative and interactive solution—the LightCube. This smart ice-bucket is tailored for the VIP areas of nightclubs and is equipped with a detachable ice container, LEDs, a 360º camera, Wi-Fi access, and a 7-inch touch screen. The design allows customers to place orders directly from their tables and interact with others, significantly enhancing their experience. Simultaneously, bar owners benefit from faster service delivery, expanded offerings, and the capability to send personalized promotions. Our team incorporated Pernod Ricard’s ideas into every design decision, leveraging their industry insights. Through an iterative, human-centered design process, we developed low and medium fidelity prototypes, testing and refining the concept with real users based on their feedback.

First prototype of the LightCube
Workshop with Pernod Ricard

"Based on the great acceptance and positive feedback obtained from club owners and consumers, we are currently planning the design and development of a version 2.0 of the LightCube and scaling up of the pilot to more locations."


Product Manager at Pernod Ricard


The implementation phase involved the creation of tailored software and the assembly of the final product. Our propellers developed three distinct applications: one for the LightCube itself, one for the bartenders, and a control panel for Pernod Ricard’s management. The user interfaces featured bright colors on a dark background to echo the nightclub ambiance, with streamlined interactions to minimize confusion in the bustling environment. To ensure quality and functionality, we sourced and manufactured all necessary components, establishing a small production line to assemble 15 pilot units of the LightCube. Each unit underwent rigorous individual testing to ensure optimal operation of both hardware and software, preparing them for deployment in the dynamic nightclub settings.

Making the LightCube
Bringing to life the LightCube
MVP LightCube Pernod Ricard

The LightCube has redefined VIP nightlife, surpassing industry standards for customer engagement and operational efficiency.

The Impact

We successfully executed a pilot by introducing three to five LightCubes in the most popular nightclubs across Madrid and Barcelona. This allowed us to closely monitor performance and gauge user responses. The pilot demonstrated significant success, evidenced by strong acceptance and positive feedback from both club owners and consumers. Encouraged by these results, Pernod Ricard is currently planning the design and development of LightCube 2.0. Additionally, they are preparing to expand the pilot to additional locations, aiming to leverage the proven benefits of enhanced customer engagement and increased operational efficiency on a larger scale.

LightCube in a Bar