The Coca-Cola Company

Building emotional connections with new generations through interactive spaces


Coca-Cola:Soda Shoppe

The Challenge

With the proliferation of alternative beverages, millennials and Gen-Z were disconnecting from Coca-Cola, missing the emotional bond cherished by previous generations. Recognizing the need to rejuvenate its brand appeal, propelland collaborated with Coca-Cola to reverse this trend, aiming to captivate and retain the loyalty of younger consumers.

Coca-Cola understood that these newer generations crave immersive and personalized experiences. To respond, the initiative focused on creating shareable, magical moments and customization opportunities that allowed young generations to tailor the experience to their preferences. The goal was to deeply immerse these new audiences in the Coca-Cola brand through engaging and memorable interactions, rekindling their connection with the iconic beverage.

Coca Cola Shoppe Inspiration
Coca Cola Shoppe Concept

The Coca-Cola Soda Shoppe is an interactive, social, and fun experience where new generations can customize a Coca-Cola for themselves, their friends, or their community.

The Solution


Coca-Cola and our teams crafted a mobile-immersive pop-up centered around Coca-Cola, enabling teens and young adults to personalize their experience within a magical, shareable space. We drew inspiration from popular destinations like the Museum of Ice Cream and San Francisco MOMA, analyzing how these experiences thrive on social media and the elements that make them captivating. Our propellers also scrutinized Coca-Cola’s heritage during this process, revisiting the classic soda bars that marked the brand’s origins. This historical exploration aimed to bridge the gap between generations, rekindling the emotional bond with Coca-Cola through a contemporary lens that resonates with younger audiences.

Coca Cola Shoppe Coke-tail Menu
Coca Cola Shoppe Social Interactive

“My Coke Soda Shoppe is straight fire! This might be my favorite new thing to do with my squad. Where was this all my life?”

Sophie Castillo

Coca-Cola Soda Shoppe Visitor


Leveraging insights from our initial research, our team at propelland collaborated closely with Coca-Cola to design ways the brand could resonate with teens and young adults through mobile-immersive pop-ups. During a series of workshops with Coca-Cola, we conceptualized various pop-up formats, emphasizing the importance of personalization to strengthen consumer connections with the brand.

The resulting spaces featured immersive areas optimized for social media sharing, stations for creating personalized Coca-Cola drinks, aptly named “Build your own Coke-tail,” personalize a takeaway bottle, and interactive zones designed to facilitate engagement among visitors. These elements collectively enhanced the brand experience, making it not only memorable but also deeply personal for each visitor.


Coca Cola Shoppe brought to life
Coca Cola Shoppe Preparing Coke-tails
Coca Cola Shoppe Social Sharing

The first Coca-Cola Soda Shoppe at the Mall of Georgia served 15,000 personalized beverages, gathered learnings by measuring key metrics, and prepared to launch at scale in various locations nationwide.

The Impact

The debut of the “Coca-Cola Shoppe” mobile-immersive pop-up at the Mall of Georgia marked a significant milestone. In collaboration with Coca-Cola, we curated core experiences that were brought to life, setting the stage for future expansions. The launch allowed consumers to customize their ideal Coke using predefined options, crafted on-site by mixologists. Additionally, photo stations featuring larger-than-life Coke icons enabled visitors to share their unique experiences on social media. This pilot program not only revitalized brand engagement among younger demographics but also established a scalable model for extending this successful interaction to other regions.