Vitro: Samples Program

Streamlining architectural sample ordering with a seamless fulfillment experience.

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Vitro: Samples Program

The Challenge

As the largest glass manufacturer in North America, Vitro is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions for architectural structures across the globe. To differentiate themselves from their competitors, they provide samples of their high-quality products to both new and existing clients (a proven sales tactic). However, integrating customer profile data with their sample fulfillment program became a challenge for Vitro, as the program only allowed phone or manual requests. To reinforce their client-centric approach, Vitro sought a technology solution that would seamlessly integrate the two systems and attract new business.


The number of clicks reduced from landing page to checkout

The Solution

/ Client-Centric Research

To deliver a truly client-centric approach for Vitro, propellers began by becoming experts with current Vitro processes, stakeholders, and, most importantly, their customers. Based on exploratory conversations and client interviews, several customer personas were built, identifying needs, motivators, and areas of potential frustration. To help each customer find the best-fit product, propellers designed a user-friendly quiz to deliver product recommendations tailored to their needs.

/ Customer Journey Development

By developing new user personas, propellers were able to identify areas of difficulty in the ordering process and use them as opportunities for improvement. These insights guided our team in creating a revised customer journey that focused on streamlining the process, reducing the manual burden on Vitro, and introducing automation and an organized operational design.

“Propelland found the key to explain and disseminate difficult information in a visual and fun way for people to understand and interact with.”

Leopoldo Ramírez

Digital Transformation Specialist, Vitro

/ Rapid Prototyping

After choosing the most effective platform for the online portal, propellers developed a prototype environment and tested its efficacy with live Vitro customers. Our tireless commitment to end-user value helped us to unlock crucial insights on how to best enhance the business and user experience. With their feedback, we were able to validate the functionality, flow, and user interface design, empowering us with the data needed to systematically improve stakeholder and user value with each iteration.


The final website automated 100% of manual shipping information-sharing processes and reduced by 50% the number of clicks from landing page to checkout. By effectively doubling the speed of the user experience, Vitro is now able to free up human capital resources with reclaimed time and leverage richer customer data to generate new leads.