Enhancing retail efficiency and experience through smart refrigeration



The Challenge

For many years, Imbera has been a trusted provider of commercial refrigerators to grocery retailers, essential for transporting and storing perishables such as dairy products and beverages. Refrigeration represents one of the largest capital expenses for store owners, where a single cooler failure can cause significant product spoilage and severe economic consequences. Highly sensitive to maintenance issues, store owners require reliable and efficient refrigeration solutions. In its strategy to forge closer relationships with grocery retailers and enhance the “cold chain”—the temperature-controlled supply chain—Imbera partnered with propelland. Together, they set out to explore innovative service and maintenance models that could address these critical refrigeration challenges, thereby delivering added value to grocery retailers.

Negocon User Interface

Negocon is more than a technological solution; it's a strategic tool that enhances the way retail grocery stores understand and manage their refrigeration needs.

The Solution


After different creative workshops with Imbera, we gave birth to ‘Negocon’, an innovative online platform designed to empower store owners with full control and visibility over their refrigeration systems. Negocon allows store owners to create a profile, add new store locations, and integrate cooler assets effortlessly. By connecting to Imbera coolers via Bluetooth, Negocon collects data on the equipment’s condition, facilitating real-time adjustments and monitoring. This functionality ensures that store owners can manage their coolers from any location, activate energy-saving modes at day’s end, and handle maintenance or service payments digitally—eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments and phone-based service arrangements.

Checking Coolers
Interviews to develop Negocon

“If I had to put name to this online platform it would be: This is just what I needed for a long time.”

Small grocery store owner in Mexico.


To tailor the app to the specific needs of grocery retailers, our propellers conducted extensive UX research with store owners in Mexico City and nearby areas. This research revealed diverse requirements based on store location and configuration, highlighting a critical gap in cooler customization. For instance, a store near a construction site needed to lower temperatures beyond the current cooler settings to serve chilled drinks to overheated workers—a need not previously met by standard coolers. Drawing on these insights, we designed a prototype for a comprehensive, customizable mobile app experience. This new system not only allows store owners to adjust cooler settings to specific needs but also enhances Imbera’s maintenance services by incorporating preventative measures and best practices for refrigeration. This approach ensures each store maximizes its operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Negocon Imber Functionalities
Checking Refrigeration with Negocon

Through Negocon, Imbera streamlined operations and unlocked significant energy savings for store owners paving the way for future innovations.

The Impact

The introduction of Negocon revolutionized cooling management by offering store owners a smart, adaptable system that simplifies cooler operations and maintenance. This innovation has enabled them to concentrate on enhancing the in-store customer experience. With functionalities like Profile Management, a Cooler Efficiency Dashboard, and insights into Energy Consumption and Savings, Negocon not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly reduces energy costs. Since its launch, the app has provided Imbera with invaluable retailer insights, facilitating a deeper understanding of store owners needs. This has strategically positioned Imbera to continue developing customer-centric products, thereby strengthening its market leadership and paving the way for future innovations.

Imbera Negocon in Action