Crafting the future of voice assistance in banking with Artificial Intelligence



The Challenge

The rise of voice assistants has revolutionized user interactions with technology, enabling internet searches and app control through simple voice commands. With over 50% of smartphone users in LATAM already utilizing voice technology, BBVA recognized an opportunity to continue leading in digital innovation. In anticipation of Amazon Alexa’s launch in Mexico and inspired by the global success of smart speakers, BBVA explored the feasibility of voice-enabled banking services. To bring this vision to life, the bank invited propelland to investigate user acceptance and refine specific voice interaction protocols. This initiative aimed to ensure not only a seamless customer experience but also stringent data protection.

Alexa and BBVA AI Voice Assistant


voice interactions made in just a few days after its launch.

The Solution

/ Understanding what customers expect

Our propellers initiated comprehensive UX research to deeply understand the diverse needs of different user groups, especially in their interactions with voice technology within banking contexts. This effort included empathizing with users through in-depth interviews that engaged both regular users and technology experts with varying levels of comfort. These interviews shed light on the scenarios in which users engage with voice assistants and their expectations concerning the types of requests they make. This valuable insight helped us map out an optimal user experience by identifying specific banking actions users were comfortable performing via voice and the types of information they expected to receive.

WorkShop with BBVA
Voice User Interface BBVA

In the initial phase of the project, users can check their balances, make payments to their own accounts and to others, generate cardless withdrawals, and view summaries of their daily, weekly, bi-weekly expenses, and so on.

/ Bringing the vision to life

Building on the insights gained, we focused on ensuring a secure and intuitive user experience. We assessed user perceptions of security when voice assistants handle their personal information and determined the preferred methods for receiving certain types of outputs, such as notifications versus voice responses. We also conducted workshops with the BBVA team to transfer essential knowledge and co-create solutions. This collaborative workshop emphasized designing for voice, particularly for Amazon Alexa, using various Voice User Interface (VUI) tools to develop functionalities that met the most demanded user needs effectively.

Blue Voice Assistant BBVA

BBVA México became the first financial institution in Mexico to incorporate artificial intelligence solutions for its customers, within Alexa and WhatsApp.

The Impact

BBVA reinforced its position as a leader in innovation by becoming the first financial institution in Mexico to integrate artificial intelligence solutions for its clients, in collaboration with industry-leading technology partners. With a deeper understanding of market needs and enhanced voice design capabilities, BBVA launched its Alexa skills  and introduced its mobile app voice assistant, Blue. This app utilizes advanced AI tools to assist users with tasks within the BBVA app, such as providing detailed and personalized account information.

AI Voice Assistant Alexa