Personalizing beverages delivery service to homes in Mexico.


Coca-ColaEn Tu Hogar

The Challenge

For many years, Coca-Cola Mexico has been known for its home delivery service, primarily focusing on water. However, with the acquisition of a wider variety of product categories, the company needed to expand its offerings. This expansion aimed to cater to a new generation of customers seeking simple, intuitive experiences. Responding to this challenge, Coca-Cola engaged our propellers to spearhead a transformation towards a ‘digital first’ approach. In a series of collaborative work sessions, our team and Coca-Cola developed a unified digital vision aimed at integrating their various assets to boost e-commerce growth. This strategy would not only support their direct-to-consumer approach but also lay a foundation for future endeavors, emphasizing digital integration and personalization on a large scale.

Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar


Increase in conversion rates during testings.

The Solution

/ Understanding the offering

Our propellers started by conducting extensive market visits and consumer interviews to identify the areas of opportunity to drive innovation and illuminate the needs and behaviors of both consumers and Coca-Cola assets. During this process, we provided a strategic roadmap of offerings to innovate their direct-to-consumer model.

/ Building the e-commerce platform

Utilizing our rapid prototyping capabilities, our multidisciplinary team developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the new site that introduced features like one-click purchasing, subscription orders, and personalized bundle options. It also featured a streamlined check-out process and real-time order tracking, significantly enhancing the consumer experience across all devices.

Work Sessions for Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar
Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar

The new platform allowedCoca-Cola to increase the averageticket price per visit, a directresult of introducingcustomer-centric offerings.

/ A connected ecosystem

During the MVP development, we pinpointed a vital component for success: Integrate Coca-Cola with its bottlers’ infrastructure. This integration, crucial for meeting the evolving demands of consumers, involved synchronizing with their existing processes and technology. By establishing this connected ecosystem, our propellers laid a robust foundation for The Coca-Cola Company’s personalized direct-to-consumer initiatives in the Latin American market.

Mobile User Interface
Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar

Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar marked a pivotal step in Coca-Cola's digital transformation establishing a new benchmark for engaging with consumers in the digital era.

The Impact

In 2017, Coca-Cola achieved a significant milestone in Mexico with the launch of ‘Coca-Cola En Tu Hogar’, a transformative initiative that redefined the digital customer journey. This innovative platform not only exemplified Coca-Cola’s commitment to consumer excellence but also generated substantial business value. A notable achievement was the increase in the average ticket price per visit, a direct result of introducing customer-centric offerings. The launch of the site marked a surge in online traffic, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction. During its testing phase, Coca-Cola observed a remarkable 80% increase in conversion rates from cart to payment. This success underscored the effectiveness of the platform in enhancing the shopping experience, demonstrating a strategic alignment with evolving consumer behaviors and preferences.