Launching a digital plan to boost employee engagement in the energy transition

CEPSA:Green Digital

The Challenge

CEPSA, a prestigious energy company in Spain with over 90 years of market presence, has unveiled its Digital Strategy for 2023-2027. This ambitious initiative aims to position CEPSA at the forefront of the energy transition by using digitalization to accelerate decarbonization and promote sustainable mobility. Recognizing the importance of engaging its employees in this transformative journey, CEPSA has collaborated with propelland to develop a comprehensive digital initiative. Designed to empower employees, deepen their understanding, and encourage active participation, this initiative boosts engagement and promotes advocacy among employees for decarbonization and sustainable mobility through digitalization.


employees that engaged with CEPSA Green Digital.

The Solution


Adhering to our consumer-centric methodology for crafting unforgettable experiences, our propellers initiated the process with an in-depth analysis of the company’s materials, including a comprehensive review of the Digital Plan, organizational charts, and existing communication tools. By integrating the insights that were found from these foundational documents, CEPSA and our teams aimed to create an engagement strategy that not only resonates with the staff but also aligns seamlessly with CEPSA’s corporate vision and culture.


In collaboration with CEPSA, we developed a strategy blending the physical and digital, focusing on innovative opportunities. We enhanced employee engagement by gamifying the experience, encouraging key figures to participate and inspire others. This approach fostered a dynamic, interactive environment, increasing involvement and enthusiasm company-wide.

Our team was able to create with propelland a unique hybrid plan, combining human-tech with in-person-viral elements, effectively uniting our employees in advancing our new plan.”

Prado Córdoba

Digital Positioning & Content at CEPSA


The employees were provided with physical gaming cards equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) features, accessible via their smartphones. Each AR activation revealed distinct content related to the Digital Plan. This interactive approach allowed employees to unlock various segments of the Plan by experimenting with different combinations, focusing on areas they found most intriguing. Upon completing each segment of digital content, the system automatically recorded the achievement, and employees were awarded with medals, IoT devices, or free online training courses in recognition of their progress.

The Green Digital Program was successfully launched and deployed in 5 locations across the CEPSA.

The Impact

The launch of CEPSA’s Green Digital Program significantly impacted their corporate culture, driving a widespread commitment to the energy transition. CEPSA’s initiative not only empowered employees but also positioned them at the forefront of the company’s efforts to decarbonize and promote sustainable mobility. Within the initial launch phase, the strategy achieved remarkable engagement, attracting over 1,050 active participants from diverse sectors and locations—including CEPSA’s Tower, Helios, and various operational sites like Tenerife, San Roque, and La Rábida. This broad uptake underscores the strategy’s success in mobilizing the workforce towards CEPSA’s sustainability goals.