A unified platform for smart security operations

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The Challenge

Brosnan, the largest privately-held security services company in the United States, and a leader in security solutions for their clients, was looking to enhance the operational efficiency of their Brosnan Command Center and field operations teams. Brosnan Command Center works on behalf of their clients to collect and analyze data from numerous sources and disseminate the information to on-site Brosnan teams, who ensure that client assets and property are effectively secured. At the start of the project, Brosnan’s existing alert response and monitoring platform relied on multiple communications tools to manage a complex array of security data points.

The Opportunity

Working closely with Brosnan leadership, we identified an opportunity to transition from a multi-touchpoint process to a fully structured, “single pane of glass” solution. It would allow their Command Center operators and senior management to have access to the most relevant and timely alerts from all data platforms, improve usability for analysts and managers, and increase their ability to rapidly react to situations as required. The outcome would improve Brosnan operations and response protocols for all client locations nationwide.

The Solution

  1. We moved Brosnan Command Center from a semi-structured, email-based processing system to a new, comprehensive digital platform called Quiver, which includes a fully structured and tracked ticketing system for Brosnan security personnel.

  2. We leveraged UX and UI design system patterns so that Quiver could scale easily and integrate new features seamlessly over time.

  3. We improved reaction time and efficiency of Command Center operators and supervisors by unifying all tools into one, and by improving the alert ticket workflow for security analysts and the managing staff.

The Approach

/ UX Research

Our team conducted an in-depth user experience audit of existing systems. Together with Brosnan security analysts, we examined their workflows and optimized the most demanding requirements of their role in the Command Center.

/ MVP: Smart security solution

Through close collaboration with business, technology, and design teams, we identified the required functionality needed for the MVP and detailed critical actions for Brosnan operators to make the Quiver experience as seamless and intuitive as possible.


Our UX designers worked in an agile process to rapidly iterate on different design options and deliver work that could be put into production quickly for implementation and testing. 


Quiver improved operational efficiency by enabling the Brosnan Command Center team to quickly scan and absorb security information from a “single pane of glass.” The team can rely on Quiver for 90 percent of their data collection, analysis, and communications. Said the Quiver application manager at Brosnan, “This is an immense improvement over what we used to do; all of the sudden the team is able to access information that they couldn’t before.”

Quiver is scalable by design, ensuring that Brosnan will be able to integrate third-party solutions more easily over time. As security threats continue to evolve, Quiver empowers Brosnan teams to adapt and to continue providing state-of-the-art security oversight for clients.