Cuerva: Living Labs

Designing an interactive totem to educate users on energy.

Cuerva: Living Labs

Designing an interactive totem to educate users on energy.

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CuervaLiving Labs

The challenge

Cuerva, a southern Spain-based energy distribution company, has taken on the task of bridging the divide between consumers and power companies in the face of public concerns regarding skyrocketing energy prices. Their mission involves providing transparent access to comprehensive information related to energy, ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of their expenses and the functioning of the system. By addressing this communication gap, Cuerva reinforces its relationship with users, establishing a sense of trust and reliability. Given the perception of the energy sector as intricate and difficult to comprehend, Cuerva’s commitment to offering clear and educational information solidifies their reputation as a transparent and dependable company.

“Propelland is the perfect partner to help us to communicate complex technical concepts to all-ages people in a funny way. It encourages people to learn the basics about our smart grid systems.”

Alberto Sánchez Pérez Head of Innovation at Cuerva
The solution

Our propellers crafted a creative strategy to educate and engage users while reinforcing Cuerva’s brand. Through an interactive and comprehensible approach, Cuerva delivers entertaining energy information, leaving a lasting impact.

/ Research

Being one of the main objectives of the project to teach people how energy works, our propellers needed to understand their current knowledge of the sector. We headed to the south of Spain to interview end-users in their environment.

/ Design

With the data gathered from the interviews, we designed a monolith that could be easily placed in the main square of the cities, which interactively explains to users what smart grids are and how energy reaches their homes.

/ Testing, Learning and developing

Once the monolith was designed, our propellers embraced their disruptive and non-conformist mindset to swiftly construct a functional life-sized prototype. This prototype underwent rigorous testing with a diverse range of end-users, including adults, children, and seniors. By closely observing and analyzing their reactions, we gained valuable insights and made rapid iterations and improvements. This iterative process ensured that the monolith could be seamlessly used by users of all backgrounds, catering to their unique needs and preferences. Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and user-centric design allowed us to create a versatile and accessible solution that fosters engagement and enhances the learning experience for all.

A touch-screen monolithenables users to exploresmart grids visually ina town's representation.


Cuerva and propelland collaborated to create a captivating interactive monolith that provides educational experiences, helping users of all ages understand energy concepts. This innovative solution incorporates game features, showcasing power plants, electricity distribution networks, and self-consumption houses within users’ own hometowns. The language used is easily understandable for adults, children, and the elderly, while the interactive design accommodates even the youngest users. Importantly, key information is readily accessible without requiring screen interaction, ensuring inclusivity for those less familiar with technology.

The installation of the first two monoliths is scheduled for 2023 in two municipalities of the province of Granada, Spain.