Creating an employee experience with strong innovation mindsets

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The Challenge

Telefónica, revered as Europe’s most esteemed telco and ranked third globally by Fortune Magazine, stands as a beacon of innovation in the telecommunications sector. Its dedication to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation through its Innovation Squads exemplifies its commitment to breaking down silos that hinder the free flow of ideas. Despite its accolades, the company needed to develop a more effective work and management model for the Innovation Squads to amplify their impact, enhance operational efficiency, and facilitate the scaling of the Talentum program, all while elevating the overall employee experience. Our propellers needed to craft a model for Talentum that not only streamlines the implementation of labs and fosters agile work dynamics for better project execution and monitoring, but also to ensure superior quality outcomes and boost teams’ well-being.

Talentum Labs is a program designed to expedite projects and spot transformation opportunities within various Telefónica areas.

The Solution

In collaboration with Telefónica’s team, our propellers devised a methodology with their design thinking and agile principles to establish Talentum Squads as innovation units seamlessly integrated into the company’s operations at all levels. This strategic approach was aimed at bolstering their impact and attracting fresh talent by enhancing the employee experience throughout the entirety of their journey with the company. This methodology was pivotal in transforming the way innovation is approached within Telefónica, ensuring that each Talentum Squad could operate effectively, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. 

The initial step involved conducting thorough strategic research to assess the current state of employee experience within Telefónica. This comprehensive audit allowed us to grasp the aspirations and challenges faced by individuals involved in the Talentum program, paving the way for the development of tailored solutions.

“Working with propelland has been great to help us redefine the new operational model for our squads. We are now ready to scale the project and multiply the impact.”

Rosalia O'Donnel

Transformation, Innovation and Talent Manager at Telefónica.


By amalgamating young talent, open innovation, mentorship, agile methodologies, and a bespoke toolkit into the Talentum program, we co-created a holistic methodology. This approach not only facilitated seamless integration of various components for exceptional outcomes after each iteration of the program but also set clear KPIs for ongoing evaluation, ensuring the program’s objectives were met and the employee experience was significantly enriched.


The Talentum program has enabled Telefónica employees to foster agile work dynamics, enhancing project efficiency and team well-being while ensuring high-quality outcomes.

The Impact

Through an engaging series of co-creation sessions with Telefónica’s key stakeholders, our propellers played a pivotal role in validating and refining the Talentum program’s new operational model. This collaborative process enabled out team to quantitatively assess the potential impact of each action, allowing for strategic prioritization during implementation. Our contributions went beyond mere planning; we delivered actionable recommendations that significantly enhanced the Talentum experience. Most importantly, our efforts were instrumental in actualizing the program. By meticulously designing the journey and touch-points within the Talentum initiative, we ensured that employees could fully leverage the program’s offerings. The result was a transformative impact on Telefónica, marked by improved operational efficiency, heightened employee engagement, and the successful integration of innovative practices across the organization.