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Promoting Wellness in the US through Enhanced Hearing

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Zepp Health

The Challenge

Zepp Health, a health tech services company, aimed to launch its first hearing device in the US and capture the untapped opportunity of improving the lives of millions of adults with hearing difficulties.

To achieve this, Zepp needed to define a go-to-market strategy and build a digital product experience that could position the company effectively to compete in the growing US hearing aid market.

The challenge was to find a way for Zepp to differentiate its product from existing players in the hearing aid space, and establish a brand that promotes self-improvement and wellness through enhanced hearing.

“Collaborating with the propelland team was a game-changer for us. From project start to finish, they consistently delivered exceptional quality.”


Head of North America Marketing, Zepp Clarity

The Solution

/ Brand positioning for Zepp Health

We positioned Zepp Clarity as “wearable tech for those seeking to do more” by analyzing the US hearable tech market. It contrasts with other brands focused on We also named the device “Zepp Clarity One” to depict it as a platform for well-being that enables wearers to tackle their futures head-on.

/ An ideal user experience

We surveyed people with mild to moderate hearing loss to understand their characteristics and purchasing behavior. Our findings highlighted a knowledge gap and considerations like size, comfort, and sound quality, guiding the ideal customer journey for Zepp Clarity. This informed future product features, marketing, and service development.

“Their ability to integrate seamlessly within our organization was unmatched, and their guidance helped us improve our internal collaboration processes.”


Head of North America Marketing, Zepp Clarity


Our next steps was to create a prototype website and app to validate the customer journey, including a frictionless self-onboarding process for device setup. A sample of real-world users tested the prototype product experience and provided feedback, which gave us insight into the flows and features that resonated with them and the changes the Zepp Health development team should prioritize.

“One of the most impactful and best experiences we've ever had working with an innovation firm.”


Head of North America Marketing, Zepp Clarity


With propelland’s support in prototype testing, onboarding flows, and the go-to-market strategy, Zepp Health successfully launched the product in Spring 2022, ahead of the FDA’s historic de-regulation of over-the-counter hearing aids in late 2022.

Later in 2022 Zepp Clarity One was recognized for its exceptional human-centric design with a Red Dot Design Award.