VITRO: Digital Transformation

Enabling the digital future

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The Opportunity

Building a competitive advantage through customer experiences and digital business models

The Challenge

To defeat commoditization, how might we create new growth opportunities by rethinking the existing process of selling glass, and identifying ways to disrupt the industry status quo?

The Solution

The solution is a customer-centric ecosystem that enables direct relationships with stakeholders throughout the value chain. New Vitro channels add value by solving communication and operational challenges for stakeholders down the value chain, and by generating additional revenue streams. All while building digital intelligence, increasing business model flexibility, and delivering a customer experience that strengthens and builds loyalty.

"propelland has a diverse team with exceptional skills in design, business, and technology, using a variety of tools and frameworks to understand market needs and drive innovation."

Leopoldo Ramírez

Digital Transformation Specialist, Vitro

The Approach

/ Empathize with stakeholders

We worked hand in hand with leadership to uncover needs and to translate those into concrete goals. We validated internal findings from conversations with diverse stakeholders in the value chain, identifying opportunity areas for solution ideation. These opportunities were inspired by people’s unmet needs and best-in-class benchmarks in the glass industry and adjacent markets.

/ Ideate and co-create opportunity areas

Leveraging lateral thinking and creative problem-solving tools, we co-created solutions with the Vitro Architectural Glass leadership team. Inspired by the opportunity areas and the value-add matrix framework, we created more than 100 solution ideas, which resulted in 5 final concepts.

/ Define the customer experiences and business model

Throughout the final phase, we used our insights to make necessary pivots that adapted the digital business models to the real market opportunity and the customer journeys to the user needs. The final output was a roadmap of initiatives presented as an ecosystem working together to increase the value delivered to existing and new customers.


We uncovered and designed customer experiences and digital business models leveraging Vitro Architectural Glass’s core competencies. As a result, the company is on a roadmap to build a competitive advantage through customer-centric experiences and digital business models.