Transforming cancer care through accessible “beyond the pill” solutions.

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The Challenge

Novartis is an international pharmaceutical company that, since its inception, has been characterized as a pioneer in offering innovative solutions and treatments to cater to the unmet needs of patients around the world.

In the Argentine market, the treatment of oncological diseases is carried out through unclear and effective traditional channels for patients, which causes significant delays to receive proper care in a process where time is vital.

The Opportunity

The Argentinian team was betting on using data to their advantage to tackle inefficiencies in the oncology patient journey, but first, it had to better understand the local context as well as the roles of individual stakeholders. This would all serve as a foundation to help the way in which scientists discover and develop innovative new treatments, how decisions are made, how the company engages with customers, and how they run their operations.

The Solution

Through a better understanding of the local market as well as the way in which the oncology environment operates, we were able to detect different pain points and areas of opportunity within the patient journey, align on a strategic approach, and ideate and prioritize initiatives for the short, medium and long term that had the highest potential for impact for each stakeholder.

"propelland advanced our mission to redefine cancer care with innovative solutions, improving lives."

Monique Clúa Braun

Novartis General Manager South Cluster
(Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay)

The Approach

/ Go Big on Data and Digital

During a 2-day workshop with the oncology team of Novartis Argentina, and inspired by the insights and areas of opportunity identified during the field research, we generated strategic alignment on the global initiative “Go Big on Data & Digital” and co-created solutions that would help Novartis improve the lives of the people involved with the disease.

/ Impacting the lives of many

We took the most valuable ideas generated during the workshop to refine them and create feasible, viable, and desirable solutions for the different stakeholders involved, to which we presented these solutions in order to identify new areas of opportunity that would help us improve them and provide greater value to the final users.

/ Innovation Roadmap

Together with Novartis Argentina’s oncology team, we evaluated the final concepts to create an innovation roadmap that responded both to the needs of those involved fighting against cancer, patients and doctors, and the business needs of the company, and help us identify those concepts to be developed and implemented in the short, medium and long term.


After an in-depth understanding of the local context and identifying the needs of each stakeholder, and through the innovation pipeline, Novartis Argentina is ready to transform the cancer care in the country with “beyond the pill” solutions, implementing new digital technologies that would solve the unmet needs and remarkably improve the lives of all the people involved in the process of the disease.