Driving investor interest in Innolith through immersive digital experiences.

Industrial & Energy


The Challenge

The German-Swiss battery manufacturer Innolith have invented a battery cell technology that is cheaper, safer and stronger than the competition. The technology is affordable and has potential to make the EV revolution a reality. To make the plan of mass-scale production a reality Innolith needs to raise funds for production and further development.
Innolith asked us to create a digital experience that represented the company and could attract new potential investors. We set out to create a corporate website that shows the personality of the company and the potential of the technology.

The Solution

By revamping Innolith’s digital presence we positioned as a unique and accessible industry leader.

/ Design and Development

A website that follows modern best practices in regards to responsiveness, accessibility and SEO.

/ Art direction and visual asset production

Creation and production of visual assets that showcase the personality and diversity of Innolith.

"They made the process enjoyable and seamless, delivering a website that exceeded our expectations."

Florian Wolf

Chief Financial Officer, Innolith

/ Copywriting

Clear and clever copywriting that talks about Innolith as a company and their technology in an engaging way.

/ Localization and translation

Translation of content to Chinese and German that maintains the tone of voice and personality of Innolith.

"With Propelland's strategic guidance and innovative design, our website now reflects the exceptional value we bring to our industry."

Laurent Zinck

Chief Scientist, Innolith


By revamping Innolith’s digital presence we positioned as a unique and accessible industry leader.

/ Adapted to different audiences

The communication caters to both inexperienced and experienced visitors. Offering easy-to-digest high level information as well as technical advanced details.

/ Stand out from the competition

Innolith speaks with a unique voice in the battery industry. The design, imagery, and copy speak with a bold and confident tone and shows Innolith’s personality.

/ Recognized as an industry thought leader

Blog and news feed that feature new articles, technological advancements, company news, and awards.