Assisting women in raising awareness and achieving early detection of breast cancer

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Novartis: EDA

The Challenge

In Argentina, approximately 5,000 women annually fell victim to breast cancer, with nearly 19,000 receiving positive diagnoses. Limited awareness and social inequalities impeded access to reliable information on early detection. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant upheaval to essential medical examinations, such as mammographies, for women. Novartis, in collaboration with breast cancer patient associations, endeavored to address these challenges by providing women with crucial information on early diagnosis. The objective was to identify and overcome the primary barriers that Argentine women faced in practicing early breast cancer detection and management.


Probability of enhancing early detection of breast cancer with EDA’s medical practices

The Solution

/ Always taking care of your health

The Early Detection Assistant (EDA) is a user-friendly Facebook Messenger chatbot empowering women with essential breast cancer knowledge, promoting early diagnosis, and facilitating connections with healthcare professionals. EDA encourages self-awareness and preventive care, making it a reliable companion in the journey toward breast cancer awareness and improved outcomes.

/ Understanding the users

We conducted interviews with doctors, leaders of breast cancer patient associations, women with breast cancer diagnoses, and those without. Our aim was to understand women’s attitudes and behaviors regarding breast cancer awareness through technology. Additionally, our team analyzed conversational interfaces and chatbots to ensure the creation of meaningful and user-friendly experiences.


The number of chatbot users in Argentina in just one year after EDA's launch in the market

/ Creating a pilot plan

To mitigate market launch risks, we devised a pilot plan to assess the effectiveness of the chatbot by testing it with real women in Argentina. Through this pilot initiative, our team and Novartis aimed to determine if the chatbot operates as intended, utilizing the required staff, space, and resources. This approach enabled Novartis to evaluate the desirability, viability, and feasibility of the product, gaining insights into its potential for scalability.


Launched in May 2022, the Early Detection Assistant (EDA), made a significant impact in promoting breast cancer awareness. EDA successfully engaged over 6,000 chatbot users in Argentina in less than a year. With a focus on evidence-based practices, EDA offers medical techniques that increase the likelihood of early detection by an impressive 95%. The remarkable response to EDA’s services showcases its effectiveness in raising awareness and promoting proactive approaches to breast health worldwide.