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Needed Education

The Challenge

The current pace of systematic transformations undergone by a large number of businesses forces these companies to ensure they can provide quick and engaging digital education support to their employees.

Moreover, granting employees access to information, knowledge, and technical education is a critical requirement to ensure growth for any business 

Founded in 2019 by digital experts in Latin America, Needed Education started with a vision for a new digital education platform helping businesses teach their teams valuable new skills, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing digital world.

Under a tight timeline of only four months, Needed asked propelland for strategy, design, and engineering support throughout the platform development, from concept inception to the actual launch across Latin America.

The Solution

/ Business Strategy

We assessed the most innovative teaching practices from different industries around the world, identifying key trends and pain points that affect the learning experience for adults. From there, we created different user archetypes based on user needs and desires, allowing us to design the ideal learning journey for each user. This helped Needed align their vision and strategic growth plan, while prioritizing efforts to progressively iterate and continuously scale through a human-centered approach.


achievement rate for students completing courses with the new design platform.


users’ commitment and engagement (vs. traditional e-learning platforms)

/ Content Generation

Thorough user research helped us identify which type of content to prioritize for users as we refined the platform’s overall experience and developed educational courses on key topics like agile, customer persona development, and journey mapping. Our next step was content generation, designed to increase consumer engagement throughout the entire user journey.

/ Technology Development

Finally, combining strategy, design, and engineering we brought Needed Education’s adaptive learning digital platform experience to life. To help further differentiate their unique education program, we re-designed brand elements to enhance the look, feel, and tone of voice, all designed to increase appeal and usability to the end user. 

“From their methodology to bulletproof our learning platform strategy, to their quick user experience validation through rapid digital prototyping, to their immersive brand experience design, propelland's guidance and support was essential in helping us bring Needed to life successfully across the region.”

Gustavo Barcia


Needed Education received an internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award for Interface Design.


One year following the platform’s launch, our bring to life approach helped Needed achieve:

80+ in their Net Promoter Score

• 90% achievement rate for students completing courses

• +15x users’ commitment and engagement (vs. traditional e-learning platforms)

Fast track delivery: By working closely together with Needed, we managed to reduce 40% the project lead time, from inception to launch in under 4 months, and meet the established timeframe.

Breaking silos: The above was only possible by bringing the team together, breaking internal silos under our agile bring-to-life framework.

Top of mind: Just a year after launch, Needed is positioned as one of the best digital transformation educational experiences in Latin America.

In recognition of the platform’s design excellence and transformative potential for Latin American businesses, Needed Education received an internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award for Interface Design in the 2022 Red Dot Awards program.