Boosting glass recycling in Spain through innovation

Develop Sustainable Strategies


The Challenge

Since 1997, Ecovidrio, a non-profit organization, has been a driving force behind sustainability initiatives by consistently striving for solutions to maximize glass recycling in Spain. In line with the global emphasis on sustainability, and despite Spain has already achieved the UE established goal to recycle at least 70% of glass by 2025 this very year, the organization keeps on setting more ambitious frameworks and joined forces with Propelland to generate new ideas, meet its ambitious recycling targets, and devise innovative solutions that not only adhere to new requirements, but also push the boundaries of traditional recycling practices, implementing groundbreaking initiatives for a more sustainable future in Spain.

propelland - sustainability project


Initiatives were created with Ecovidrio to increase the recycling rates.

The Solution


Our propellers started with comprehensive desk research, delving into Ecovidrio’s internal data and recyclers’ studies. Simultaneously, we benchmarked recycling practices in Spain against those in other countries. We then took a closer look at the heart of the matter: people. By conducting one-on-one interviews with passionate recyclers and those less committed, as well as virtually touring homes to understand recycling systems, we gained profound insights. These insights enabled us to collaborate with Ecovidrio to map out the recycling process, identifying pain points and recognizing moments of inspiration. Consequently, we successfully created distinct consumer profiles based on recycling habits, allowing us to tailor solutions that aligned perfectly with their recycling rate enhancement objectives.

Working closely with a forward-thinking company like Ecovidrio has enabled us not only to craft impactful initiatives but also to drive positive change in recycling.

Jorge Alvarez

Strategy Lead at Propelland


In the next phase of our journey, we consolidated our research insights into a comprehensive document, summarizing the key takeaways from our consumer interviews, recycling profiles, pain points, and industry benchmarks. 

With this knowledge at our disposal and considering Ecovidrio’s past initiatives, we identified six initial focal areas for ideation to enhance home recycling rates. With these opportunity areas defined, our propellers promptly set to work, designing and prototyping solutions aimed at significantly boosting home recycling rates in Spain.

"Propelland quickly understood the needs of both Ecovidrio and citizens, effectively turning the concept into reality. This showcases their ability to convert ideas into concrete actions successfully."

Gonzalo de Sebastián Ferreiro

Strategy & Innovation Director at Ecovidrio.


With concepts already designed and great precision, Ecovidrio, together with our team of strategists, designers, and engineers, began crafting these ideas, shaping them into tangible solutions. Key stakeholders and consumer profiles, identified during the research stage, played a crucial role in validating the potential impact, technical feasibility, and market desirability.

Armed with their feedback, we refined our concepts. Subsequently, we embarked on crafting Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and designed a pilot plan to test them in the real world. This stage marked a turning point in bringing these ideas to life and making a meaningful impact on recycling rates in Spain.

A 25% increase in the recycling rate in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, was achieved through the "Drive-thru Glasspots" initiative developed in collaboration with Ecovidrio's team.

The Impact

One of our initiatives, ‘Drive-thru Glasspots,’ has come to life in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid. These are networks of user-friendly containers designed for easy glass recycling directly from cars. They are regularly weighed and closely monitored to evaluate progress. This initiative has been more successful than we anticipated, as it not only inspired new users to recycle, but also gained recognition on Telemadrid, the public regional television station in the Community of Madrid

Drawing from the valuable insights gained from the project and collaborative workshops with Ecovidrio, we are in the process of scaling this initiative to more regions in Spain. Additionally, we are developing further initiatives that align with Ecovidrio’s mission of creating a more sustainable future in Spain.