Defining the future of Mapfre's car insurance service.


Mapfre Verti

The Challenge

Mapfre, the renowned global insurance provider, envisioned the opportunity to expand their car insurance brand, Verti, to the young people of the US market. Recognizing the need to craft an insurance ecosystem attractive to digital natives and to enter the market with a disruptive insurance service model, Mapfre reached out to our propellers to offer tailored protection to users, aligning with their unique needs. Initial research revealed a prevalent mistrust and confusion among vehicle owners towards insurance providers and policies. Through extensive research, it became necessary to identify key areas for Verti to stand out, particularly in simplifying the insurance shopping experience and streamlining the claim filing process.

Using Verti during car crash


interviews made across five U.S. states.

The Solution

/ Understanding the customers

To create an insurance experience that could resonate with digital natives, our propellers conducted +50 interviews in various regions with drivers to understand their perceptions of insurance and the criteria they use to select car insurance. We uncovered a common view of insurance as a confusing and unpleasant necessity, accompanied by the widespread belief that insurers prioritize profit over clients’ interests. Armed with these insights, we collaborated with the Verti team to design a strategy to counteract these negative perceptions. Our discoveries from these sessions were integral to the development of what we called ‘The Verti Experience’.

Interviewing Mapfre Verti's customers
Designing the Verti Experience

Verti's launch in the US marked a milestone as the first-ever digital car insurance provider.

/ The verti experience

Based on our findings, we focused on underscoring Verti’s commitment to supporting drivers, emphasizing their dedication to customer care over profit. In collaboration with Verti, we developed a pay-per-use model that allows drivers to pay for insurance only when they use their vehicle, introducing accident forgiveness as an initial benefit. To effectively communicate this unique offering, we created a user-friendly online platform where drivers can easily obtain insurance quotes, contact a Verti team member by phone, and manage their Verti accounts. Moreover, we also concentrated on streamlining the claims process, aiming to reduce the stress typically associated with such situations.

Enjoying the Verti Experience
Customer Using Mapfre Verti User Interface

The debut of Verti in the United States represented a significant achievement, being the inaugural digital-only provider of car insurance.

The Impact

Verti’s launch in the US marked a milestone as the first-ever digital car insurance provider, setting a new standard in the industry. Building upon their foundational experience pillar, Verti has consistently prioritized customer care over profit, a commitment that resonates strongly with their clientele. During their debut in the US market, Verti effectively communicated various ways drivers could save on their insurance plans. A notable example of this is their Free Pass Program, which offers a unique benefit of forgiving a past accident, preventing an increase in premiums for eligible drivers. This approach not only underscores Verti’s dedication to customer-centric solutions but also positions them as a forward-thinking leader in the car insurance sector.

Mapfre Verti UI