Revamping sales with a focus on mobile-driven user experience

Consumer & Retail

Jimmy Lion

The Challenge

Since its foundation in 2014, Jimmy Lion had sold millions of pairs of premium and original designer socks in over 50 countries. Although sales were booming, the website showed some room for improvement: the drop-off rate was high, and customer feedback brought up some pain points with the platform.

The Opportunity

The brand made a move towards brick-and-mortar by opening physical stores in Madrid and Barcelona, but they needed to overhaul the user experience of their companion digital platform. Propelland focused on improving the entire digital platform, putting the customer at the center, and refocused the experience on mobile devices as the main sales driver.

Identifying different customer profiles and creating an experience that would feel efficient, fun, and rewarding was crucial. Jimmy Lion needed to implement the framework for an experience that would 1) speed up the sales process, and 2) help their customers find the right product in as little time as possible.

The Solution

Our new mobile platform took into consideration all of the previous user pain points. We defined priorities and functionalities, and incorporated a beautiful visual brand identify using photography and iconography to enhance the character of the brand. We wanted the website to reflect the creative spirit of Jimmy Lion, and of their creative team who is always traveling the world, on the lookout for new inspiration. They’re busy breathing in new colors, landscapes, art, and different cultures into their products and they needed their digital home to reflect that. 

Our research revealed user motivations throughout the different key moments of the online shopping experience (before, during, and after) and in relation to different contexts (store, web, social networks, times, places and people). Implementing these findings into the framework of the website has increased business and allowed Jimmy Lion to share information about their passion projects behind the scenes supporting local communities and cleaning up oceans: a heavenly pair! 


Jimmy Lion has improved the overall shopping experience for their enthusiastic customers, across platforms. Now there is an iconic and consistent branding across digital and brick-and-mortar shopping portals with the excellent customer service they wanted to be known for.