Revamping HP's Customer Welcome Center for hybrid work solutions

Consumer & Retail


The Challenge

Driven by the promise of delivering experiences that amaze, Hewlett Packard (HP) sought to transform their Customer Welcome Center (CWC) at the Palo Alto facility. Their vision was an innovative demo experience that not only highlights their products and services but also better communicates their brand promise. Recognizing the need to redesign the CWC to align with customer behaviors, HP reached out to our propellers to help reimagine the spaces in a way that fluidly integrates virtual and physical elements, thereby contextualizing HP’s products and services within the customers’ environment. Ultimately, the goal was to transition from a product-focused showcase to a fully consumer-centric experience.

“Our journey with HP in redefining the Customer Welcome Center highlights our shared dedication to innovation and creating extraordinary customer experiences.”

Ammani Nair

Senior Design Technologist at propelland

The Solution


Our team meticulously evaluated the current layout of HP’s Customer Welcome Center and conducted comprehensive benchmarking of hybrid demonstrations. Through observing customer demos and analyzing HP’s relevant documents and offerings for hybrid work, our propellers focused on uncovering user-specific needs and challenges. This detailed exploration was pivotal in devising a user-focused concept for revitalizing the CWC.


In collaboration with HP’s teams, we created new concepts for the CWC’s layout and flow, evaluated renovation needs, and finalized the design. We also crafted demo vignettes for specific use-cases, prioritized touch-point features, and integrated immersive elements to highlight HP’s offerings. The team also proposed prototyping methods and organized work streams for effective implementation.

Through propelland's collaboration, the HP Customer Welcome Center now exemplifies the perfect blend of technology and creativity in every customer interaction.

Ester Chiachio

Head of Corporate Experiences at Hewlett-Packard


With HP’s assistance, we engage with different HP customers for 1:1 interviews to test and refine hypotheses. This process yielded insightful feedback, leading to actionable growth strategies. The outcomes included detailed reports on user feedback, areas needing enhancement, and specific design adjustments, along with strategic recommendations for subsequent prototyping and pilot implementation phases.

Hewlett-Packard hosted its first-ever HP Imagine event at the new reinvented Palo Alto HP’s Customer Welcome Center in 2023.

The Impact

The revamped HP Customer Welcome Center is a groundbreaking space for communicating the company’s brand promise, offering experiences that amaze, engage, inspire, and establish trust. It effectively portrays a typical day in the life of any person, demonstrating how HP’s products enhance creativity and productivity. The center leverages immersive storytelling and multi-sensory experiences to leave lasting impressions, showcasing products optimized for hybrid environments and emphasizing HP’s seamless technology and services. Featuring eight distinct areas, including a multipurpose space, living room, cafe, terminals, co-working space, conference room, and executive suite, the center stands as a testament to HP’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric design.