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The Challenge

In its mission to develop professionals poised to make a significant impact in the job market, Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio (UAX) envisioned a Business & Tech Campus. This campus would serve as a cutting-edge facility designed to enhance the educational journey for students at the intersection of business and technology. Recognizing the need to devise a unique value proposition for the campus that not only resonates with prospective students but also aligns with the evolving demands of employers and society at large, UAX invited our propellers to strategize and define a new value proposition for the campus, aiming to prepare students more effectively for the job market and to anticipate the present and future needs of both companies and society.

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The Solution


Embracing our obsession for consumer-centric approach, our propellers helped UAX to conduct in-depth interviews and workshops with students and companies to tailor UAX’s Business & Tech Campus value proposition. This research identified distinct profiles for students and companies, enabling precise targeting and ensuring that the solution met both current and future needs of the educational and professional ecosystems.


Following the identification of key opportunity spaces from the consumer research, we conducted sessions with UAX to establish strategic pillars to guide all aspects of the experience. These pillars encompassed academic content, student relationships, operations, architecture and interior design, branding, sales, and partnerships. Each element was designed to work in harmony, adhering to the principles of UAX.

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/ The bring to life mindset

Driven by our ‘bring to life’ mindset, our propellers went the extra mile with UAX experts to develop a comprehensive list of initiatives designed to materialize the strategic pillars. To achieve this, we developed workshops that enabled the UAX team to review and prioritize these initiatives, subsequently crafting a roadmap for their implementation. This process was encapsulated within a detailed student journey, providing UAX with the tools to assess the impact at every stage—before, during, and after a student’s experience at the new Business & Tech Campus.

"Our partnership with propelland has been instrumental in transforming our unique value proposition, positioning the B&T building as a distinct nexus connecting the university, technology, and industry sectors."



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The new campus provides a seamless integration of business and technology, preparing students for a smooth transition into a professional future where they can make a global impact.

The Impact

The Business & Tech Campus is currently located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Our collaboration with UAX has brought their innovative value proposition to life, with the campus now offering undergraduate majors at the crossroads of business and technology. The success of this initial project has cemented the ongoing collaboration between propelland and UAX, aimed at elevating the value proposition even further. Together, we’re expanding our focus to enhance various aspects of the university, including student experiences, environmental branding, way-finding, digital interfaces, and audiovisual assets, thereby shaping UAX’s vision across multiple physical spaces.

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