Beyond Data: The human dimensions of Strategy Development


Adrián Velázquez

Global clients partner

In the age of data-driven decision-making, where algorithms and analytics reign supreme, it’s easy to view strategy development as a purely quantitative endeavor. Yet, strategy development must incorporate a set of inherently-human traits at the intersection of decision-making and data science. While data undoubtedly serves as the compass, it’s the human qualities of courage, vulnerability, empathy, and charismatic storytelling that chart the course and steer organizations towards their goals.

Courage and Vulnerability: Pioneers of Innovation

Courage for Strategy Development

When it comes to strategy development, courage and vulnerability emerge as the unsung heroes, propelling organizations from the realm of the ordinary into the uncharted territories of radical innovation. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the audacity to confront it. It’s the boldness that empowers leaders to challenge conventional wisdom, question established norms, and explore new avenues even when the outcome is uncertain. Without the courage to take risks, strategies can stagnate, and growth remains stymied.

Vulnerability, often misconceived as weakness, is, in fact, a wellspring of strength. It’s the willingness to expose one’s ideas, even if they are unpolished or unconventional, to the scrutiny of others. In an environment where perfectionism can stifle creativity, vulnerability provides the fertile ground for collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas. Leaders who exemplify vulnerability encourage their teams to share their unique perspectives, fostering an atmosphere of trust where constructive critiques pave the way for innovative breakthroughs. It’s the combination of courage and vulnerability that breeds a culture of continuous improvement and propels strategies towards uncharted horizons.

Empathy: The Keystone of Inclusivity

As you navigate the complex waters of strategy development, you must embrace empathy as the keystone that upholds the edifice of inclusivity. As the business landscape becomes increasingly diverse and interconnected, strategies must transcend narrow viewpoints and incorporate the voices of all stakeholders. Empathy drives inclusivity by enabling leaders to understand and appreciate the concerns, aspirations, and needs of diverse stakeholders

“Data guides strategy, but leaders' human traits chart the path and guide organizations toward their goals.”


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Empathy isn’t just a soft skill; it’s a strategic imperative. When leaders actively seek to comprehend the perspectives of employees, customers, investors, and the communities they serve, they gain a holistic understanding of the ecosystem in which their strategies will unfold. This comprehension allows for the formulation of strategies that not only achieve business objectives but also contribute positively to society. By crafting strategies that resonate with the values and aspirations of a broader spectrum of stakeholders, organizations fortify their relevance and create lasting impact.

Charismatic Storytelling: Bridging the Gap

As you make strategic decisions to propel your business forward and bring together intricate plans and complex data, charismatic storytelling emerges as the bridge that connects vision with action. It’s not enough for leaders to formulate brilliant strategies; they must also have the ability to communicate these strategies in a compelling and relatable manner. Charismatic storytelling breathes life into the numbers, enabling teams to grasp the significance and purpose behind the data. Enlightened simplicity is key.

Through storytelling, leaders paint a vivid picture of the future, illustrating the potential benefits of the chosen strategy and the collective journey required to reach the envisioned destination. Effective storytelling transcends mere communication; it evokes emotions, ignites passion, and fosters a sense of shared purpose. By inspiring others to see themselves as integral players in the strategy’s narrative, charismatic storytelling transforms strategies from abstract concepts into tangible realities, motivating teams to collaborate, innovate, and execute with unwavering dedication.

While data serves as the backbone of strategy development, it is the conscious inclusion of inherently human traits what propels business leaders forward and sets them apart as truly strategic leaders. Courage and vulnerability fuel innovation, empathy ensures inclusivity, and charismatic storytelling bridges the gap between vision and action. In a world where technological advances continue to reshape the landscape, it’s essential not to overlook the timeless importance of these human qualities. To develop strategies that transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary, exceptional leaders balance data-driven decision-making with human-centric values. In doing so, they embark on a journey that not only charts a path to success but also drives people and organizations forward, ultimately adding more value to the world.