Aiding a retail giant to land their long-term strategy through a customer-centric approach

Consumer & Retail


The Challenge

Walmart Mexico, one of the biggest supermarket holdings in Mexico, needed to translate the strategy crafted at a high level, into actionable initiatives that could be applied to all of their brands to improve store traffic and provide an omnichannel experience to their different types of customers strengthening their relationship with their supermarket.

The Opportunity

Walmart Mexico operates in Mexico under 4 operators: Walmart Supercenter, Sam’s Club, Bodega Aurrera, and Superama. Each of them caters to a different population segment with a specific offering. With the long-term strategy crafted from the holding company, there was an opportunity to align the different brands to the overarching plan, while creating a unique value propositions for each of their operators to better serve different customer profiles.

The Solution

We guided the senior leadership team through a 3-day co-creation workshop where we lead them through user-centric exercises that allowed for a better understanding of their target user persona for each operator through empathy exercises.

The Approach

/ The Work before the Work

Prior to the workshop and in partnership with key internal stakeholders, we analyzed all internal documentation relevant to Walmart’s long-term strategy for the Mexican market to quickly get up to speed.

/ Delivering Value

During the workshop, we guided teams through several exercises that allowed them to use all their existing customer knowledge to build customer personas for which we could create different value propositions. Then, we proceeded to create reasons to believe which would support the different value proposition based on Walmart’s existing capabilities.


We co-created different concept initiatives that would solve some of the detected pain points. These included a unique value proposition, a user journey, an internal team that would implement the project, and an execution roadmap.


Having unique customer value propositions for each of the operators and a clear execution roadmap, Walmart was better able to land their long term strategy and create unique offerings.