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Defining the future of Mapfre's car insurance service.

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Mapfre Verti

The Challenge

Mapfre, a global insurance provider, was expanding their car insurance brand, Verti, to the US market. They came to propelland for help defining a car insurance ecosystem that appeals to digital natives. Ultimately, Verti wanted to create a disruptive insurance service model that helps users get the protection that’s the best fit for them.

The Opportunity

Though car insurance is required to own a vehicle, we found that most people don’t trust insurance providers and generally find the policies to be confusing. Through research we uncovered opportunities for Verti to differentiate in the ways that individuals shop for insurance and file a claim.

The Solution

/ The Plan for Verti

We helped Verti to design an insurance experience that provided more transparency and control to drivers. The plan would allow drivers to only pay when they’re actually using their vehicle and started with accident forgiveness.

/ Verti's Purchasing Experience

We designed a website experience to clearly communicate the offering and options that were available. Drivers had the option of getting an insurance quote through the website or speaking with a Verti team member on the phone.

/ The Claims Processing Experience

We also addressed the claims process and designed an app to simplify the claim process. Our goal was to reduce the stress that arises in moments of filing a claim and demonstrate how Verti was there to support the driver, not make money for the company.

The Approach

/ Understanding Drivers

To design a new insurance experience that appeals to digital natives, we needed to begin by understanding their perception of insurance and their mental model for selecting car insurance. We spoke with 50+ drivers in four regions. Through these interviews, we identified that people generally perceive buying car insurance to be unpleasant and confusing. They don’t see the value in owning insurance and often feel that insurance companies do not have their best interest in mind.

/ Exploring Innovative Solutions

Armed with this knowledge we conducted several workshops with the Verti team to explore how we could overcome those perceptions. Based on those workshops we were able to define the core pillars of the Verti experience.

We applied those pillars as we designed new insurance offerings, a public-facing website including quote generation, and an app for managing your Verti account.


Verti launched in the US market and has continued to build upon the core experience pillars. Verti clearly communicates ways that drivers can save on their insurance plan including their Free Pass Program that will forgive drivers of a higher premium for one past accident.