Homedoctor Medbot

A patient-first health robot bringing households and hospitals together.

Health & Wellness


The Challenge

Enhancing the usability, look, and feel of medical devices is a must for any company wishing to bring high-quality health diagnosis and treatment to the safety and comfort of patients’ homes. This was the challenge Spanish medical technology company Homedoctor tasked us with for the launch of its new product, Homedoctor Medbot.

Homedoctor is bridging the gap between the hospital and household with connected health robots. For the next evolution of its at-home health assistant, Homedoctor asked us to design a compact medical device with intuitive features that improve the patient experience before, during, and after telemedicine diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, the device would need to seamlessly integrate into the everyday lives of patients and empower them with a highly personalized and accessible digital patient experience.

“Homedoctor Medbot proves how a patient-first design approach can help democratize healthcare for all.”


Chief Business Office, Homedoctor


Interviews with different patients that helped us to understand how they interact

The Solution


We partnered with Telecom Design to conduct a thorough user research phase allowing us to understand how patients interact with medical devices from handling and storage to physical and digital preferences. Our collective insights enabled us to swiftly bring a prototype model to life.


We designed a rapid prototype which contains all the necessary medical devices


Through design sprints from low to high fidelity, we refined the aesthetic aspects of the case until, together with the Homedoctor team, we arrived at the design that represented the attributes the company wanted to convey.

“Propelland helped us to build the next generation of our at-home health robot with thoughtful, personalized, and accessible design...”


Chief Business Office, Homedoctor


To create a more connected digital patient experience, propelland completed the engineering of Medbot with the implementation of a corresponding mobile application. The app allows patients to pair Medbot with their smartphones for quicker access and control, granting them the ability to carry out at-home treatment with greater confidence and ease.

The new Homedoctor medbot will extend patient interactions with medical practitioners further into the virtual environment


Homedoctor’s partnership with propelland and Telecom Design transcended the previous iteration of its health robot to help Homedoctor fully realize the actual value of at-home care. 

Homedoctor Medbot now has more than 80,000 subscribers –  people who are looking for a solution for continuous, proactive healthcare from the comfort of home. The device is also creating opportunities for uninterrupted care anywhere. At a commercial level, Homedoctor is building alliances with large corporations to sell more units, but also talking with public administrations based on Medbot’s potential to help rationalize primary care, especially for the elderly. Homedoctor will begin expanding internationally in 2023 with plans to make Medbot available in seven countries within the next 5-7 years.

In recognition of its design excellence and potential for the future of at-home healthcare, Homedoctor Medbot received an internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award for Smart Design Concept in the 2022 Red Dot Awards program as well as a Gold Product Design award for Design for Social Impact in the 2022 International Design Awards.