COCA-COLA: Soda Shoppe

Building an emotional connection with Coca-Cola for a new generation

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Coca-Cola: Soda Shoppe

The Challenge

Teens and young adults do not have the emotional connection to Coca-Cola that previous generations did. We were tasked with creating an experience that would help to forge a stronger connection between Coca-Cola and younger generations.

The Opportunity

Both the Museum of Ice Cream and Color Factory have drawn in Millennials and Gen Z visitors by offering shareable, magical moments, and opportunities that allow visitors to customize their experiences. To reach younger generations, we sought to create an experience that would immerse visitors in the Coca-Cola brand.

The Solution

We designed a mobile popup around Coca-Cola, which allowed teens and young adults to create their own drinks within a magical space that could be shared with others across social media platforms.

The Soda Shopee vision was brought to life at the Mall of Georgia.

The Approach

/ Seeking Inspiration

Our team explored popular experiences for Millennials and Gen Z, like the Museum of Ice Cream and SF MOMA. We analyzed the ways people share those experiences on social media, and what made those experiences so enticing. We also dove into Coca-Cola’s history for inspiration, studying the classic soda bars where Coca-Cola’s heyday originated.

/ Exploring Coca-Cola Experiences

Drawing on the inspiration from our research, we collaborated with the Coca-Cola team to explore ways the brand could connect with teens and young adults. We defined a variety of popup experiences and pinpointed the importance of letting this new generation of consumers make Coca-Cola their own in order to strengthen their connection with the brand.


Working with Coca-Cola, we curated a set of core experience moments needed for an MVP and defined a pilot plan. When the concept launched, consumers could build their ideal Coke from predefined options, and on-site mixologists would craft these unique drinks. Stations for photos with larger-than-life Coke icons allowed consumers to share their experience across social media platforms. The Soda Shoppe vision was brought to life at the Mall of Georgia.