Personalizing beverages delivery service to homes

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Coca-Cola: En tu Hogar

The Opportunity

Coca-Cola Mexico wanted to evolve their current home delivery model to expand their offering to the entire beverage portfolio.

The Challenge

Coca-Cola Mexico had offered a home delivery service built around water. With the recent acquisition of new product categories in milk and juices, they sought a new way to offer a wider range of beverage solutions to their customers. However, the service was traditionally analog and needed to be transformed into a completely digital business model.

The Solution

Our goal was to transform the future of the business through a digital first strategy. Together with Coca-Cola we identified a shared digital vision that unified their assets to drive e-commerce growth, thus supporting their direct-to-consumer strategy and building the foundation for the future — digital and personalization at scale.


Increase in conversion that was observed during testing

The Approach


To identify the areas of opportunity to drive innovation, we conducted extensive market visits and consumer interviews to illuminate the needs and behaviors of both consumers and Coca-Cola assets. During this process, we developed a strategic roadmap of offerings to innovate their direct-to-consumer model.


After six months, the e-commerce platform went live. We worked rapidly to iterate and create a new content and e-commerce strategy that would be frictionless for consumers. In over three months our interdisciplinary team delivered an MVP of the new site. We rolled out one-click shopping, subscription ordering, personalized bundle offerings, order tracking, and a simpler check-out process to improve the consumer experience across all devices. The website has seen increased traffic, conversion, and customer satisfaction.


The e-commerce platform helped drive innovation by unifying digital assets across the Coca-Cola ecosystem. To be successful, it was imperative to seamlessly integrate into the Coca-Cola and bottler infrastructure in order to meet consumer demand. The connected ecosystem created the foundation for the future of personalized direct-to-consumer initiatives for The Coca-Cola Company in the Latin American market.


The e-commerce site, launched in 2017, has significantly impacted the digital customer journey. The site not only enabled Coca-Cola to deliver consumer excellence but also business value by increasing the average ticket price increased per visit through the launch of customer centric offerings. During testing we measured an 80% increase in conversion from cart to payment.