COCA-COLA: Personalized coke cans

Personalized products for Coca-Cola fans across Europe

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Coca-Cola: Personalized cans

The Challenge

Coca-Cola came to us to help them develop the strategy of their new digital platform for both existing and new beverage categories. We were charged with designing ways for consumers to engage with the platform so they could personalize their Coca-Cola products, and ultimately, have them delivered directly to their homes. 

The Opportunity

Coca-Cola wanted to develop their Direct to Consumer (DTC) strategy across Europe so they could deliver consumers personalized products and services directly to their homes. This meant they needed to create end-to-end experiences that would deliver meaningful value at every touch point, and across multiple channels. 

The Solution

We began by imagining a platform for consumers to personalize their Coca-Cola cans, alongside an ‘open to better’ campaign launching in Jan 2021. The idea was for the platform to evolve to handle other personalized products and services. Coca-Cola wanted to build personalized experiences around drinks in order to strengthen consumer connections, and to reach their business objectives by delivering products in a more eco-conscious way. 

Platform to personalize Coca-Cola Cans


geographies were included in the launch across Europe.

Our research led to three key pillars derived from consumer needs, and we got to work developing a platform that could integrate these pillars across all products and services: 

/ Coca-Cola Personalization

Tailor-made products for different user contexts; exclusive limited editions; smart recommendations solutions

/ Sustainability

Membership models; services that are always available; flexible and recurrent services. 

/ Convenience

Transparent communication of the end-to-end journey; ethical processes; rewarding loyal customers and helping them do good by aligning them with a philanthropic campaign of their choice.

An example of a Coca-Cola Personalized Can

The Approach

We carried out weekly brainstorming sessions and sprints and actively designed the platform alongside all of the other agencies that work for Coca-Cola to ensure a cohesive experience.  

Our research and prototyping ultimately culminated in one centralized platform, using data as the driving force. This platform allowed us to prototype and test functionalities, and to gain insights from our consumers in order to offer what other platforms could not. 

Different personalized Coca-Cola Cans


In four months, we were able to design, develop, and launch a digital platform that sells a new suite of bespoke beverages, and other personalized merchandise, directly to consumers. This was launched across Europe in 9 geographies and was the first initiative of its kind for Coca-Cola to enable consumers to personalize their products directly. 

Personalize your Coca-Cola can on your phone
Personalize your Coca-Cola can on your phone