Leveraging data to enhance the experience for Audi driver




Strategic Research
Product + Service Design

The Challenge

Audi cars generate tons of real-time data every minute. Our challenge was to identify ways to add value to the driving experience by using and monetizing this data.

The Solution

From this project came two data-driven products. myAudi Anywhere is a platform for tracking driver’s and passenger’s in-car preferences and applying them to any Audi they enter. Audi myMemories captures emotional moments during the driving experience and lets Audi owners relive and share them.

Our Approach


We began by researching drivers and internal stakeholders to identify areas of opportunity for adding value through data generated by the cars.

Through an iterative, agile approach, we generated concepts in sprints and shared with stakeholders during workshops every two weeks. The strongest concepts were refined during following sprints, and validated with Audi drivers, industry experts, and internal stakeholders.

Out of this process came two concepts: one highly functional and tactical, and the other appealing to emotional moments. We worked closely with both the Audi Innovation Research and Engineering Research Lab teams to validate these concepts and bring them to life as prototypes.

MyAudi Anywhere

Personalized Experiences

The myAudi ID centralizes all of your car-related preferences, similar to an Apple ID. Any Audi you drive adapts to these preferences so it feels like your own, whether it is your spouse’s Audi, or a Silvercar rental on a business trip. Every Audi learns from your behavior to improve your driver or passenger experience in the future.

First, the Audi recognizes you. Then is adjusts to your physical and digital preferences, from seat and mirror position to linked music services and favorite playlists. Finally, the car detects new behaviors and learns from them to make the system more intelligent in any future Audi you drive.


Capture, relive, share!

Audi MyMemories captures the emotional moments around driving an Audi and gives you a way to relive and share those memories, whether you’re with friends on a night out or taking a weekend road trip with the kids.

Cameras on the interior and exterior of car to record videos while driving. An intelligent algorithm detects highlights and emotional moments, and encapsulates them in 1-2 minute videos combined with sounds and music, which can be easily shared with your friends and family, or posted on social media.


Propelland worked with the ERL (Electronics Research Lab, VW Group) to build a functional pilot which demonstrated myMemories, and led to a partnership with Revl to bring the experience to the market as an aftermarket accessory. myAudi Anywhere is currently being developed within Audi and will be launched in future vehicles.