Leveraging data and AI to enhance the Audi driving experience.

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The Challenge

Audi, renowned for their advanced technology, produce vast amounts of real-time data each minute. The car manufacturer sought our propellers to explore how to leverage this data to enhance the driving experience and develop innovative products and services. By collaborating closely with Audi Innovation Research (AIR) and the Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory, our multidisciplinary team focused in working on two significant areas of opportunity. The first was to find a way to tailor every Audi journey to the individual preferences of the driver. The second was enabling drivers to capture, relive, and share their unique Audi experiences. These initiatives promise to transform the way drivers interact with their vehicles, making each journey in an Audi not just a drive, but a personalized, memorable adventure.

Using data to improve Audi driver experience.


Brainstormed ideas with the Audi Leadership.

The Solution


We envisioned Audi cars that could identify their owners and remember their preferred settings, applying these personalized settings to each Audi they drive. Regardless of the Audi a driver enters, be it a shared family car or a rental, they should be able to quickly adjust it to their preferences, maximizing the system’s utility.

These personalized experiences encompass both the physical aspects of the car (like seats, mirrors, and temperature) and digital connections (including maps, music, phone contacts, and schedule). The settings are stored within the driver’s ID and automatically applied each time they enter the vehicle. Upon entering, drivers are immediately greeted with their personal settings and their phone seamlessly connects. Even after leaving the vehicle, they maintain access to important information and settings.

Testing Audi MyMemories
Audi Sphere

Regardless of the Audi a driver enters, be it a shared family car or a rental, they should be able to quickly adjust it to their preferences, maximizing the system’s utility.

/ Audi MyMemories

Whether taking a road trip with loved ones, commuting around town, or driving a new model on the test track, Audi cars are key players in the adventures of many drivers and passengers. Because drivers need to focus on safe driving, they’re often unable to capture these memories to relive in the future.

We identified that Audi is able to automatically and smartly capture moments through photos and video, paired with music, locations, and more. Before they depart, Audi can help drivers and passengers plan their trip. After the trip, Audi compiles these memories for the driver, enabling them to relive the experience and share their adventures with others.

Designing an App for Audi
Audi Sphere Ecosystem

Audi launched the first version of myMemories concept on the test track at the Audi Driving Experience center.

The Impact

The two opportunities identified to enhance the Audi driver experience were realized through various prototyping sprints. These sprints enabled the car manufacturer to implement the MVP in an Audi model, facilitating the capture of memories on the road. Further advancing this innovation, our partnership with Revl leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning. This technology determined the optimal moments for in-vehicle cameras to record, based on the emotions detected inside the vehicle.

Additionally, we designed the ‘myMemories’ mobile app to complement the in-car experience. This app offers drivers and passengers a centralized platform to plan trips and revisit their past experiences enabled by Audi technology.

Testing myMemories in the Audi Driver Experience Center