Leveraging data to enhance the Audi driving experience for their customers.

Mobility & Cities


The Challenge

Audi cars generate tons of real-time data every minute. Our challenge was to identify ways to add value to the driving experience by creating new products and experiences that are informed by the data.

The Opportunity

Through a series of workshops with Audi Innovation Research (AIR) and Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory, and research with customers, we identified two impactful opportunities:

  1. How might we make every Audi experience personalized to the driver?
  2. How might we help drivers to capture, re-live, and share the memories that they make in their Audi?

The Solution

/#1 Audi Sphere

We identified the opportunity for Audi to identify drivers, remember their preferred settings, and apply the personalized settings to each Audi that they drive. No matter where a driver enters an Audi – from a shared family car to a rental – they’re able to quickly set it to their preferences and take full advantage of the system.

These personalized experiences span the physical components of the car (seat, mirrors, temperature) and the digital connections (maps, music, phone contacts, schedule, etc.). Settings live within the driver’s ID and are automatically ported over each time someone enters the vehicle. Once in the car, drivers automatically experience their personal settings and are connected to their phone. After leaving the vehicle, drivers continue to have access to important information and settings.

The Solution

/#2 myMemories

Whether taking a road trip with loved ones, commuting around town, or driving a new model on the test track, Audis are a key player in the adventures of many drivers and passengers. Because drivers need to focus on safe driving, they’re often unable to capture these memories to relive in the future.

We identified that Audi is able to automatically and smartly capture moments through photos and video, paired with music, locations, and more. Before they depart, Audi can help drivers and passengers plan their trip. After the trip, Audi compiles these memories for the driver, enabling them to relive the experience and share their adventures with others.


To bring this concept to life, we prototyped how Audi could capture memories and took the prototype out on the road. From there, Audi partnered with Revl to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to define when the in-vehicle cameras record based on the emotions in the vehicle. Audi launched the first version of this concept on the test track at the Audi Driving Experience center.

In addition to designing the in-car experience, we also designed the myMemories mobile app. Through the app, drivers and passengers have a centralized place to plan trips and revisit their past Audi-enabled experiences.