Designing better health for people, not patients.

There are many communities of people—including consumers, caregivers, and healthcare professionals—engaged in the pursuit of better health, and frog works with all of them to design solutions that meet their needs. We seek out opportunities at every scale, from shaping people’s personal experience of wellbeing to working with large systems of healthcare professionals to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Personalized care

Giving doctors real-time access to data to create a more intuitive, personalized and human ecosystem of care centered around patients and their families.

Healthspan vs Lifespan

Creating new ecosystems of solutions that focus on proactive measures and habits, moving towards preventing, managing health and promoting overall well-being in the long term.

Tech-enabled accessibility

Empowering people with new digital technologies that allow them to take greater control over their choices, making healthcare accessible beyond hospitals and clinics.

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