We design products, services and experiences that add value in people's lives.

Strategic Research

Uncover human, market, and expert insights that help propel your growth.

  • Customer Experience Audit
  • Market Segmentation & Clustering
  • Industry Trends & Best Practices

Transformation+ Growth Strategy

Identify your opportunities with a custom innovation roadmap that includes short to long term goals.

  • Strategic Growth Opportunity Identification
  • 5-year Innovation Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation
Acceleration workshops

Design + Engineering

Bring impactful, intuitively designed products or services to market more quickly.

  • Digital Product Design
  • Connected Products Design
  • Service Design
Space and Experience Design

Space Experience Design

Design responsive spaces that leverage technology to create engaging human experiences.

  • Retail Experiences Design
  • Agile Workspace Design
  • Exhibit Experience Design
Sustainability and circular economy

Sustainability and Social Impact

Make a positive global impact with thoughtful product, service and experience design.

  • Design for Underserved People
  • Design for a Sustainable Planet
  • Pro-bono Design Sprints
Cultural transformation

Cultural Transformation

Improve your company’s performance by working more agile, adaptive innovative, and customer-centric.

  • Cultural Strategy
  • Employee Experience Design
  • Talent Propeller Program
Product and service design and engineering

Acceleration Workshops

Give your team a boost with our engaging 1, 2 or 3-day bootcamps, or solve a quick challenge with a 5-day sprint with our team.

  • Hackathons
  • Training Bootcamps
New ventures

Venture Building

Partner with us to bring your early stage concept to market with agile design and engineering.

  • Rapid Concept Visualizations
  • Design+Engineering Team Augmentation
  • Proof of Concept Prototyping

Design Process

We follow a user-centered design thinking methodology based on iteration to design more meaningful experiences for people. The different phases of divergence and convergence show we start from the abstract brief and through the process move towards defining, co-creating and testing a concrete product or service experience directly with users.

Strategic Foresight

We approach every project through a 3 step process of identifying opportunities by forecasting a future vision of what an industry or service could become, strategizing the steps of how to get to that vision from today in a sustainable way and prototyping those first few milestones by designing engaging, useful and memorable experiences that people would enjoy using.

Holistic approach to UX

We believe that the user’s experience of using a product or service is not just limited to the duration of its use. The first experience happens much before the actual use – when the user finds out about the product or service experience through direct channels like advertisements or indirect channels like word of mouth through social media.zThe experience during the actual interaction with the product or service is designed to be delightful through simplicity and attention to detail. The experience continues after the use through touchpoints such as customer service, loyalty programs and sharing on social media.

Our Clients

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