Kespry — Autonomous Drones Design

Designing the experience of operating drones for commercial use.

Kespry is a disruptive drone solution engineered specifically for commercial applications such as construction, search and rescue, and agriculture. Founder and CEO, Paul Doersch and his accomplished team unified their passion for flying, computers, and engineering with the development of Kespry. Their innovative solution enabled remote flying through a simple iPad interface and post-flight provided a simple visualization to track progress.

Kespry was ready to launch with their first customer segment — large scale construction, but they were faced with a challenge: how can their service model and user experience take construction-specific use-cases into consideration to create the most seamless experience? That was the starting point of our collaboration.


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Through a multi-day workshop we worked closely with the Kespry team to gain a better understanding of their product and service touchpoints. They showed us their latest prototype and performed a test flight at a nearby field. After interacting with their interfaces, base station, and the drone itself, we broke down their existing user journey, identifying the pain points and areas of opportunity.

Together, the Kespry and Propelland teams brainstormed service models and examined ways to turn the pain points into magic moments. We created an ideal user journey based on their construction-centric model, and designed new user flows to reduce the friction during use. Additionally, we recommended new interactions and provided updated interfaces for the physical and digital elements to streamline the process.


Shortly after our engagement, Kespry secured Series A funding of $10M led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Additionally, our visual and interaction recommendations have been integrated on their website tutorial.