Kaiser Permanente — i60 Innovation Toolkit

Helping an innovative healthcare company to reduce the innovation process from 8 to 2 months.

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As one of the most recognized healthcare providers in the world, Kaiser Permanente consistently introduces game-changing concepts to the realm of healthcare. But how do you make any and every member of the organization feel like an empowered innovator? More importantly, how can a 20,000-plus person organization easily and organically improve its process with every project? Finally, how can members of the organization contribute to the next wave of innovation without sacrificing their day-to-day functional roles?

In this project, we developed a digital tool that can easily distribute to all members of the organization, empowering every person to tap into the design process to contribute to the next wave of game-changing projects.

By embracing the idea that all people are naturally creative and tend toward collaboration, we conceived, designed, and developed a companion tool that acts as shepherd for both designers and non-designers alike to easily connect and produce meaningful concepts that add significant value to the organization and the consequent world. All this, while continuing to perform at a high level in their designated functional roles.


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Helping project managers and team members track their progress during the i60 process and the next steps to keep moving forward. The app reminds you which stage you are in during a project through subtle visual cues.


With the Basadur Creativity Profiling test built right into the app, managers are able to select and create a balanced team based on their problem solving abilities.


With a variety of design thinking methods as part of the toolkit, participants and managers are able to select the most appropriate method getting them to the goal that they have set out to achieve. They are written in simple terms, and are easily understandable by non-designers.


"We thought it was a really good tool to teach non-designers about design thinking while you’re actually working on a project."

"What we really liked about this is it goes end to end from balancing team composition to setting up expectations about each phase of the design process."