BBVA — Simplifying Banking Enrollment

Simplifying banking enrollment processes for digital natives.

BBVA provides financial services to nearly 50 million customers across more than 30 countries. Since their founding in 1999, BBVA has remained laser focused on refining customer engagement and creating new experiences across the banking sector.

Manolo Moure, BBVA’s Global Head of Strategy approached Hugo Giralt, our CEO, with a challenge to make becoming a member feel easy. BBVA was looking to target digital natives who expect speed of access regardless of what they are signing up to do. The sticky problem was that current registration was extremely cumbersome: it took at least 47 minutes and required an in person identity verification. BBVA needed more than an app, they were looking for whole new approach to enrollment.


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After exploring the sector and audience, we determined a mobile solution to be the best location to access the elusive digital natives. Our goal was to make the process simpler and remove the in-person verification, the question was how! Banking regulations across BBVA’s many markets including the European Union, Latin America, and North America were a key constraint. Any viable solution needed to comply with these rules, while being delightful for future users. Through co-creation sessions with BBVA,

we learned the organizational struggles and the landscape of mobile banking. Our work together produced user journeys of current processes and identified opportunities for improvement. Few organizations handled banking enrollment well, so we went broad in our search for solutions looking towards diverse cultures, emerging financial payment applications, digital social engagements, and e-commerce enrollments.

BBVA Enrollment was created using 3 guiding design principles:

  1. Make it fast
  2. Reduce fraud
  3. Empower individuals

The financial needs of new clients ranged from creating banking accounts to applying for credit. Based on these diverse services, we identified basic information required across all potential services along with service specific information.

BBVA Enrollment was designed to facilitate fast registration through using the e-commerce practice of ‘lazy registration’, which allows new customers to create an account with limited functionality using just their basic information. Once enrolled, specific information would be requested based on the service selected. We reduced the enrollment process from 47 minutes

to less than five. Not only were the steps reduced, individuals were safely verified using established social connections rather than physical verification. No duplicating, no unnecessary steps, no endless forms, no searching for documents, no entering the bank.