• Samsung – Multi-device Experience

  • Audi – Future of Connected Transportation

  • Powerade – Personalized Hydration Solutions

  • Coca-Cola – e-Commerce Experience

  • BBVA – Voice User Interfaces

  • Kaiser Permanente – Digital Health Solutions

  • Hyundai – Data Driven Services

  • Bank of the West – Digital Product Design

  • Verisure – Protecting Seniors

  • BoxLock – Smart Connected Padlock

  • Kaiser Permanente — i60 Innovation Toolkit

    Kaiser had a problem bringing new ideas to life – it took too long. Through building a innovation toolkit that extended from the creation of balanced teams to project communication facilitation, we helped make design thinking methodologies accessible to all team members.

  • Axa – Internal Collaboration Tool

    Co-creating a digital tool with Axa employees that transforms the way they share and collaborate across countries

  • Santander TUI – Universities

    Redefining the relationship of the bank with students all over the world during their best years.

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