• BoxLock – Smart Padlock

    Attach BoxLock like you would any padlock to the container of your choice. Delivery driver uses BoxLock to scan the package's label - no special hardware or software required of them. BoxLock's Wi-Fi connection confirms tracking status, and uses two-step verification to open only if package is currently listed as "out for delivery". You'll receive an automatic notification on your BoxLock app letting you know your package is there

  • Hyundai – Your EV Life Tool

    With 'EV Life Tool’, users are able to understand characteristics of various eco-vehicles and receive best-fitted recommendation based on their lifestyle patterns within a minute.

  • Verisure – Protecting Seniors

    Promoting well-being in the lives of seniors and maintaining peace of mind for them and their families.

  • Powerade — Hydration Tower

    Designing better hydration solutions for athletes and staff to simplify their experience on the field of play. Towers were used during the Confederates Cup 2016, Euro Cup 2016, Paralympics 2016 and in local leagues in Korea, South Africa, Mexico and USA.

  • Audi — Connected Car

    We facilitated a collaborative process involving client stakeholders, mentors, experts and potential partners to identify and align together high impact areas of opportunity, use cases, and business models.

  • Kaiser Permanente — i60 Innovation Toolkit

    Kaiser had a problem bringing new ideas to life – it took too long. Through building a innovation toolkit that extended from the creation of balanced teams to project communication facilitation, we helped make design thinking methodologies accessible to all team members.

  • Movistar Verisure Hogar — Smart Connected Home Security

    Helping a home security leader transform their products and services for the connected home.

  • Powerade Bottle — FIFA World Cup

    Designing an interactive hydration experience for FIFA World Cup athletes.

  • Axa – Internal Collaboration Tool

    Co-creating a digital tool with Axa employees that transforms the way they share and collaborate across countries

  • Kaiser Permanente — Self Triage

    Increasing treatment capacity by empowering patients through mobile technology.

  • Santander TUI – Universities

    Redefining the relationship of the bank with students all over the world during their best years.

  • Repsol – Travel Guides

    Redesigning the Respol travel guides across print and digital touchpoints.

  • Summon — Ridesharing

    Helping an innovative transportation startup create a magical customer experience.

  • Crowdfire — Social Media Management Tool Design

    Helping a social media startup reach 10 million users.

  • BBVA — Simplifying Banking Enrollment

    Simplifying banking enrollment processes for digital natives.

  • Kespry — Autonomous Drones Design

    Designing the experience of operating drones for commercial use.

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