Pio Smart Recorder App

Start an audio recording, mark the important moments and share them.

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Highlight Moments

You highlight the moments you want, whether they’re short or long, planned or spontaneous. Start and stop a long mark with a single tap, or create a short five second mark with a double-tap.

Rapidly Review

Keep your analysis quick and simple by listening to just marked moments and bypassing the rest. With Pio there’s no need to review half an hour to find that 30 second nugget of awesomeness!

Easily Export

Save the audio clips that you marked to Dropbox or Google Drive. You get the original recording, the marked clips and the notes that you may have written down.

Simplified Editing

You can always go back to a recording to add marks where you need them and remove ones that aren’t as important as you had hoped. Easily change the duration and position within the app to ensure the precise moment is captured.

Stay organized

Create projects and color code them to organize your recordings. Export whole projects to save all your marks and notes with one tap.

Made by propelland

We are a design studio based in San Francisco and Madrid. Pio was created as a tool to help our design research process. It was so useful we decided to share it with you.

Go ahead, give it a spin!

Pio is made for recording important moments during meetings, interviews, lectures, workshops, presentations, and brainstorming. Just about anything that you would want to save for later!

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