Meet the Propellers

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of humanists, strategists, technologists and designers. We are a healthy mix of young and experienced professionals with experience in Fortune 500 companies as well as disruptive startups that aim to design better products and services for people with the goal of helping companies grow. We believe in co-creating with all the stakeholders involved - both from the user side as well as from the client side.

  • Hugo
    A hybrid thinker and passionate doer leading transformational solutions for 20 years in Unicef, Coca-Cola and Telefonica helping them grow by designing products and services that matter to people. He is an active startup advisor and mentor that believes in giving back.
  • Sid
    A multidisciplinary designer and technologist creating digital and physical products that are simple and powerful. He believes that ideas are only as good as their execution and has a passion for making things happen.
  • Alberto
    A serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience in helping businesses reach their customers better. He has created four successful independent service companies in different domains and this is his fifth.
  • Juan
    A restless former intrapreneur with more than 20 years leading digital and marketing departments for Coca-Cola, Avon Cosmetics, Televisa, J. Walter Thompson and Bellsouth. Passionate about the impact of technology and disrupting business models that are creating the crazy social revolution we are all experiencing.
  • Paula
    A multidisciplinary designer with a background in architecture and experience leading international design projects. She is always eager to learn something new and passionate about creating new experiences through human-centered design.
  • Dwight
    A service designer bringing technology and design together to influence the way people interact. He believes that a rigorous process and meticulous craftsmanship can create meaningful experiences.
  • Jordan
    An industrial designer interested in taking on complex challenges in order to simplify people's lives. In his spare time he designs engaging characters and worlds for games.
  • Alejandro
    Passionate, curious and enterprising industrial engineer who integrates design and development into meaningful solutions like a true unicorn. His dream is to improve the education system, loves to dance cuban salsa and learns faster than a Formula One car.
  • Carlo
    An industrial designer who strives to create intuitive experiences and fun interactions that resonate. Perpetually hunting for the best cat pictures.
  • Paris
    An Industrial Designer who crafts beautiful products and innovative experiences that make meaningful connections with people. When not creating groundbreaking design solutions, he can be found jamming on his guitars.
  • Ammani
    A hybrid technologist and designer with a background in architecture and product development. She is as comfortable in technology and prototyping as she is doing user research and wire framing.
  • Paul
    An industrial designer on a mission to create more joyous and sustainable products, driven by his fascination with human cultures and the natural world. His appetite for adventure is surpassed only by his appetite for actual food.
  • Alex
    A thorough creative designer focused on producing immersive experiences and managing user's reactions by testing solutions with them for the best of the final results. He is always looking for life enhancing experiences.
  • Martin
    A glocal innovator and entrepreneur who is always up for a new challenge, learning and evolving in order to deliver meaningful experiences. He believes in teamwork and passion as support to all activity.
  • Clay
    An industrial and strategic designer with an interest in pushing boundaries. She believes only by testing limits, beginning with our own, can innovation take place.
  • Santi
    An industrial design engineer with experience working in creative educational environments. He truly believes that education and design are the most powerful tools to change the world.
  • Mariano
    An Industrial designer with the flexibility, empathy and curiosity of a world traveller; and the professional experience of a strategic designer. He believes in getting things done: fail fast and cheap, learn and repeat
  • Natalia
    A psychologist specialized in market research and customer insights, passionate about strategic design who really believes that design is created by and for people. She is always trying to understand the complexity of humans.
  • Rosa
    A creative and strategic designer who’s goal is to create game-changer ideas that make an impact on people. As a musician, she loves making things sound good. Her mantra is “make it happen so you’ll have a story to tell”.
  • Olaia
    An industrial designer passionate about the digital world. Always willing to put herself in other´s shoes to develop physical and digital products that make an impact and create valuable experiences for people and society.
  • Pedro
    Industrial designer, passionate strategist and truly believes that we can make things better by design. In constant search of the simplest, most intuitive and enduring solutions that make people's lives easier.
  • Mariana
    A design strategist interested in finding valuable insights that inspire great ideas with experience in creating and managing brand value. She enjoys sports in nature and looks to find solutions that simplify people’s life in an environment friendly manner.
  • Diego
    A creative and innovative mechatronics engineer not scared to fail. He is passionate for renewable energies and always iterating to find new solutions to problems.
  • Mario
    An industrial design engineer who is always looking for solutions that not only impact the user but also help us transform the entire environment. Design should help us to live in a more sustainable world, more linked to nature and society.
  • Victor
    A business strategist with more than 25 years of experience, leading and transforming Finance and Procurement functions within different industries, including Food & Beverages, Health Care and Automotive.
  • Angie
    An innovation and design engineer specialized in project management. A curious wanderer and a movies and good music lover seeking to create solutions that enhance people’s lives, always taking advantage of the different opportunities that come her way.
  • Jing
    An interaction designer who loves making things at the intersection of physical/digital. She’s a gentle proponent of applying an antidisciplinary, cybernetic approach to complex challenges and is enthusiastic about making useful, beautiful artifacts out of messiness.
  • David
    Interaction designer who is iterating, visualizing, and prototyping constantly. Always striving to learn new tools to bridge the gap between idea and implementation.
  • Max
    A mechanical engineer and a designer who solves problems in the intersection of those two fields. He’s a book lover and people person who strives to find unique and delightful ways to improve people’s lives, and can often be found trying to learn how to skateboard.
  • Julie
    Visual Designer with a passion for Illustrations and understanding human's connections and ideologies. With a background in teaching, her dream is to find new and inclusive ways to create a better working culture to all.
  • Anny
    A business strategist who sees herself as an active listener, holistic thinker, and results-driven doer to help companies achieve sustainable profit growth through ethically and socially responsible business practices.

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