propelland is a global strategic design & engineering firm helping companies transform and grow.

We bring to life products, services and experiences that add value in people's lives.

Our Work

  • Samsung – Multi-device Experience

  • Audi – Future of Connected Transportation

  • Powerade – Personalized Hydration Solutions

  • Coca-Cola – e-Commerce Experience

  • BBVA – Voice User Interfaces

  • Kaiser Permanente – Digital Health Solutions

  • Hyundai – Data Driven Services

  • Bank of the West – Digital Product Design

  • Verisure – Protecting Seniors

  • BoxLock – Smart Connected Padlock

  • Kaiser Permanente — i60 Innovation Toolkit

  • Axa – Internal Collaboration Tool

Our Services

  • Strategic Research

    Uncover human, market, and expert insights that help propel your growth.


    • Customer Experience Audit
    • Unmet Needs Discovery
    • Market Segmentation & Clustering
    • User Experience Testing
    • Competitive Analysis & Positioning
    • Advanced Technologies Research
    • Industry Trends & Best Practices
  • Transformation + Growth Strategy

    Identify your opportunities with a custom innovation roadmap that includes short to long term goals.


    • Strategic Growth Opportunity Identification
    • 5-year Innovation Roadmap
    • Future Visioning
    • Product/Service Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Digital Transformation
  • Design + Engineering

    Bring impactful, intuitively designed products or services to market more quickly.


    • Digital Product Design
    • Connected Products Design
    • Service Design
    • Rapid Experiential Prototyping
    • Agile Product Engineering
    • Agile Software Development
    • Manufacturing Planning & Coordination
  • Space Experience Design

    Design responsive spaces that leverage technology to create engaging human experiences.


    • Retail Experiences Design
    • Connected Environment Design
    • Exhibit Experience Design
    • Agile Workspace Design
  • Sustainability & Social Impact

    Make a positive global impact with thoughtful product, service and experience design.


    • Design for Underserved People
    • Design for a Sustainable Planet
    • Pro-bono Design Sprints
  • Cultural Transformation & Capabilities

    Improve your company’s performance by working more agile, adaptive innovative, and customer-centric.


    • Organization Culture Strategy
    • Talent Propeller Program
    • Employee Experience Design
    • Intrapreneurship Program
    • Innovation Toolkit Design
  • Team Training

    Give your team a boost with our engaging 1, 2 or 3 day bootcamps and hackathons.


    • Training Bootcamps
    • i. Design thinking
    • ii. Fast prototyping
    • iii. User research
    • Bespoke Training Programs
  • New Ventures

    Partner with us to bring your early stage concept to market with agile design and engineering.


    • Rapid Concept Visualizations
    • Experience Concept Design
    • User Experience Improvement Sprints
    • Proof of Concept Prototyping
    • Design+Engineering Team Augmentation

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